Successful experiment of large-scale cylinder manu

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The success of large-scale cylinder manufacturing process experiment of North Heavy Industry Branch

the success of large-scale cylinder manufacturing process experiment of North Heavy Industry Branch

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Baotou Steel Project (yd514p drum type mixing reclaimer) is one of the important projects of the branch at present. This reclaimer is designed by Metso company. Among them, ydp cylinder is the most critical component in the whole machine, and its manufacturing process is very complex. The total length of the cylinder is 38200mm, and the diameter of the cylinder is φ 4932mm, weighing 120138kg, is the largest cylinder produced by the branch in recent years. The special point of its structure in 2011 is that there are many inner ring supports and splicing welds inside the cylinder, and it is required to conduct penetration inspection after welding

the Technology Department of the branch company carried out a detailed process analysis on the drawings of the drum body, and summarized the technical difficulties that need to be solved according to its structural characteristics: 1. The cylinder has a large amount of welding and is difficult to weld, which is easy to produce welding deformation, and the straightness and cylindricity of the cylinder are difficult to guarantee. 2. Flanges at both ends of cylinder φ 4932 on circumference 90- φ The shape and position tolerance of uniformly distributed holes requires 1200 employees, which is very strict, and the machining is very difficult. 3. The hopper hole needs to be cut after the bobbin is welded, and the position accuracy is difficult to ensure

in order to solve the technical difficulties of the "roller" body, the Technology Department of the branch sent engineers with rich work experience to a company in Jingtang to visit similar products, and brought back the collected data and photos for comparison and analysis with the company's products. After many technical discussions, a process plan to solve the technical difficulties has been formulated: 1. It is required that the accuracy of the cylinder subcutaneous material must be guaranteed, and there must be no cross angle, and the rounding process must be strictly controlled to ensure the cylindricity. 2. The annular process support is added every meter in the middle, the outer ring of the annular support is processed, and the welding joint with the cylinder cover is welded, and the method of single-sided welding and double-sided forming is adopted. 3. The cylinder is divided into three sections, and each section is processed as a whole. Convex and concave annular stop flanges are added at both ends of each three section cylinder section. The overall processing of each cylinder section uses the processing accuracy of large milling and boring machine equipment, so as to ensure that the two ends of the stop flanges are parallel and perpendicular to the axis line after processing. 4. When the cylinder is assembled and welded on site, it shall be clamped through the assembly, debugging and clamping of the convex and concave flange, and at the same time, it shall be aligned with the laser theodolite to ensure the accuracy of the coaxiality of the flanges at both ends of ± 10mm. 5. When cutting the hopper hole, use the laser level to measure the benchmark to ensure the convenience of the experimenter in the whole length, and the hopper hole is on the same straight line

according to the process plan formulated by the technology department, the barrel of the drum reclaimer has been successfully manufactured. The successful production of the cylinder also provided good technical experience for the four Rizhao drum reclaimers subsequently signed by the branch, and also opened the door to the future drum reclaimer market

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