Successful hoisting of propylene rectification tow

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Propylene in Yangzi Petrochemical's ethylene energy-saving transformation decreased by 30%. The rectification tower was successfully hoisted in place.

the picture shows the hoisting site of propylene rectification tower.

on May 8, the key equipment of Yangzi Petrochemical's ethylene energy-saving transformation phase II project - propylene rectification tower was successfully hoisted. The disadvantage is that it was quite tragic to fall to the ground, and it was installed in place, thus completing a key control point. The project is an energy-saving transformation of the separation system of ethylene plant, mainly including the transformation of propylene rectification tower and cold box system. It is planned to be completed in August. At that time, Yangzi stone finally said that the energy consumption of ethylene will be further reduced, and the production capacity will be increased

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