Successful development of yeast packaging for the

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Baking food yeast packaging successfully developed

the fully sealed and slightly inflated packaging bag contains granular fresh and high fluidity baking yeast, which has excellent physical and biochemical anti-corrosion properties

the above encapsulation materials and encapsulation process include the selection of plastic coating film materials for encapsulation bags, and the encapsulation materials should be completely impermeable to oxygen, carbon dioxide gas and water vapor

in addition, the water containing molecules of yeast filled in the encapsulation process shall not exceed 70%; As a sealed package, it means that the tone of "green" development of the industry will be further strengthened, and the package will focus on the development of organic chemical raw materials and new chemical materials. There is almost no excess air when sealing. The encapsulation material is affected by time and temperature conditions. Under this time and temperature conditions, the stored yeast will automatically ferment and produce a certain amount of carbon dioxide gas, which is necessary for the preservation of yeast. Under the above time and temperature conditions, the two-way servo control method is completely harmless to the fermentation activity of the stored yeast

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