Successful hoisting of the hottest Yunnan phosphat

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Yunnan phosphating phosphoric acid vacuum equipment hoisting success

recently, the Yunnan phosphating Group Co., Ltd. with an annual output of 300000 tons of feed grade phosphoric acid plant concentrator, which was contracted by the 16th construction company of China Chemical Engineering, has completed the hoisting work of 18 vacuum equipment with small force sensors and S-type sensor sequence in the current market safely and orderly

in order to vigorously promote the construction process of the project, the 16th Chemical Engineering Construction Co., Ltd. has made detailed plans from the aspects of construction organization, safety assurance, technical support, logistics supply and so on. When conducting wedge load tests, wedge cores from different angles are usually placed under the bolt head (clamp concrete). The project department overcame the difficulties of bad weather environment and overall equipment hoisting technology, and completed the hoisting task in only 11 days, 9 days ahead of schedule

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