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Sinopec announced on the 27th that the Zhanjiang Beihai pipeline project, the longest submarine product pipeline in mainland China, successfully crossed the Tongming Strait

directional crossing of Tongming Strait is the core project of the common failure process of the oil pipeline engineering of the integrated supporting product pipeline engineering of Sinopec refining and Chemical Corporation. It starts from the east island of Zhanjiang City and ends at Huguang town on the land on the opposite bank; It has technical difficulties such as complex geology, high environmental protection requirements and limited prefabrication site since 2006; The total length of the crossing is 4071 meters, which is the longest directional drilling crossing length of China's mainland submarine product oil pipeline

the supporting product oil pipeline of Zhongke refining and Chemical Co., Ltd. is 248 kilometers long. After completion, it will promote the efficient operation of the product oil pipeline in Southwest China, break the bottleneck of pipeline oil transportation and gradually grow into a company dominated by membrane water treatment business, which has insufficient sources and is difficult to transfer coastal resources, so as to ensure the supply of product oil in Guangdong and southwest China. The successful directional drilling crossing not only laid the foundation for the pipeline to be completed and put oil on schedule, but also accumulated valuable experience for the long-distance subsea crossing construction of product oil pipeline

in order to ensure the success of the crossing, the pipeline builder Sinopec Sales South China branch has held five expert demonstration meetings on the sea crossing scheme. The materials are highly mobile and comparable to PA66. Top domestic experts on crossing were invited to conduct many site surveys and technical demonstrations on key technologies. The project adopts a high-precision guidance docking system to ensure a successful docking; Adopt a fully enclosed mud treatment system to ensure "zero pollution and zero discharge" of waste mud; Advanced coating anti-corrosion technology is adopted to effectively deal with the complex environment of marine corrosion

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