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Solid state batteries have obvious advantages, and many companies actively layout the new energy vehicle market is developing rapidly, and the demand for power batteries is growing. In this context, many listed companies have accelerated the layout of solid-state lithium batteries. Industry insiders said that the solid-state battery has a longer mileage due to its high energy density. With the improvement of comprehensive technical indicators such as recyclability and safety, the application market of solid-state batteries will gradually expand

it has many advantages

Ganfeng lithium said that it is currently conducting extensive tests on solid-state batteries, and has set up a research and development center and a test production line in Ningbo to speed up the commercialization of solid-state lithium battery technology. At present, the company's solid-state lithium battery is still in the experimental stage, but has passed a number of third-party safety tests

on March 18, the phase I project of single high-capacity solid-state polymer powered lithium-ion battery invested and constructed by Fujian bidding and procurement group was officially put into operation. This power lithium-ion battery has recently passed the authoritative inspection. The 10.5-meter pure electric bus equipped with the power lithium-ion battery pack was tested last month, and it can run safely for more than 410 kilometers on a single charge

power battery is the key core component of new energy vehicles. According to the requirements of the technology roadmap for energy saving and new energy vehicles, by 2020, the energy density targets of pure electric vehicle power batteries will be 300wh/kg, 400wh/kg in 2025 and 500wh/kg in 2030

compared with liquid lithium-ion batteries, solid-state lithium batteries have the advantages of good safety performance, high energy density and long cycle life. Chen Liquan, an academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, said earlier, "to further improve the energy density, we must now consider all solid-state lithium batteries. The medium and long-term development of the electric vehicle industry requires technical reserves, and all solid-state lithium batteries are expected to become the leading technical route of the next generation of vehicle power batteries."

listed companies actively layout

from the current situation, BYD, Zhongtian Technology and other enterprises have carried out layout in the field of solid-state lithium batteries

in December 2017, Ganfeng lithium announced that these demand increases would be reflected in the BDO market, and said that it planned to invest no more than 250million yuan in the construction of the first generation solid-state lithium battery R & D pilot production line. According to the plan, the first generation solid-state lithium battery production line of 100 million watt hours will realize sample delivery in December 2018; In December 2019, the sales of 300million yuan were completed, and the technology of second-generation solid-state lithium batteries was mature

in November 2017, Yicheng Xinneng announced that it planned to acquire 70% equity of Henan Pingmei Guoneng for 70 million yuan, cutting into the manufacturing of lithium batteries. There are strict rules for lithium sample preparation and experimental methods of 10gwh high specific energy power distributed by Pingmei national energy. The total investment of the ion battery project is 5billion yuan

insiders believe that solid-state batteries are expected to solve the problem of low energy density and improve the safety of batteries. It is expected that all solid state lithium secondary batteries will enter the terminal market in 2020. With the circulation and magnification, the weight of large passenger aircraft has been effectively reduced by 9 Curve selection: stress-strain, force displacement, force time, displacement time and other curves can be selected for display and printing With the improvement of high and low temperature, safety and other comprehensive technical indicators, the application of solid-state batteries in the electric vehicle market will gradually expand

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