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The solar water heater industry must strive to eliminate the three hidden worries

according to the data, the U.S. Department of energy will launch an activity of solar heat. The sales volume of water heaters has reached 12million square meters in 2007, and the industrial output value has exceeded 13billion yuan, and it is developing rapidly at a rate of 20% - 30% per year. However, the hidden troubles of low efficiency of sales channels, numerous market cultivation crises and extreme shortage of professionals make the overall situation of China's solar energy industry not optimistic. If China's solar water heater industry wants to become stronger and bigger, it must strive to eliminate the above three hidden troubles

the efficiency of marketing channels is low. The thickness of standard electronic grade copper foil is 12~70 microns

at present, the domestic sales channels of solar water heaters mainly include the following: Dealer agents, factory direct sales, entering building materials malls and home appliance stores, construction projects, etc. The above channel mode has made great contributions to the rapid development of the solar water heater industry while helping the solar water heater enterprises achieve their sales goals. However, from the perspective of the rapid development of the whole solar water heater industry, the efficiency and function of the above channel model are far from satisfactory

first of all, the operation efficiency of the sales channel of the dealer agent is not high, and it is easy to be disconnected due to human reasons. In addition to holding various forms of investment promotion meetings, many manufacturing enterprises mainly adopt the method of "sweeping the streets", that is, sending salesmen to their areas to establish agent sales channels through house-to-house visits to target stores. A considerable part of the agents and dealers found in this way are self-employed businesses that have developed through the local sale of plumbing equipment, hardware and building materials or kitchen and sanitary ware. Because these agents and dealers often lack systematic management concepts in the process of selling manufacturers' products, coupled with their one-sided pursuit of short-term profits, their sales behavior often leads to the inefficiency of the sales channels of solar water heater manufacturers. This situation is particularly prominent in the secondary and tertiary markets. In addition, due to the randomness of this "street sweeping" investment attraction method, the salesperson's eagerness to complete the market development task is easy to let some agents and dealers with strong speculation enter the channel. When the profits of these agents and dealers are reduced or the management is poor, they will try to withdraw, so that the manufacturer's sales channels are blocked, and even the manufacturer's sales channels in some markets are broken. The low efficiency of this channel mode is also related to the after-sales service of solar water heater Enterprises: at present, in solar energy enterprises, the phenomenon of "actively establishing channels and passively maintaining channels" is common. Many dealers can't get the follow-up support from the manufacturer after making payment, picking up goods and building a store. In addition, the promotion methods and terminal planning are not very reasonable. The phenomenon of products being overstocked in the channel occurs frequently, which hinders the sales channel

secondly, building materials shopping malls and home appliance stores are not hot spots for the sale of solar products. Due to the huge volume of solar water heater products, it is in a very embarrassing situation in building materials shopping malls and home appliance stores. In the building materials market, no matter where the solar water heater is placed, it will make people feel nondescript, because in the eyes of many people, it is neither a building material nor a kitchen and bathroom product. For many building materials shopping malls, selling solar water heaters is easier and easier than selling products such as floors and tiles. The embarrassment of solar water heater in building materials shopping malls also appears in the special field of home appliances: at present, many professional home appliance stores do not sell solar water heater products. On the one hand, because the volume of solar water heater products is too large, it will occupy more space in the mall and increase the burden on the management and operation of the mall; On the other hand, solar water heater enterprises are deterred by the large number of entry fees; In addition, the competitive pressure of alternative products such as electric water heaters and gas water heaters and consumers' buying habits also affect the entry and sales of solar water heaters in large professional home appliance stores

as for the current industry, its main technical parameters comply with gb1499.2 (2) 018 steel tubes for reinforced concrete Part 2: hot rolled ribbed steel bars, yb/t5126 (2) 003 "plan for plane reverse bending experiment of steel bars" and iso10065:1900 regulations and requirements on cold bending experiment and plane reverse bending experiment. The generally optimistic marketing model of solar water heater and building integration is affected by urban construction planning, industrial barriers and other factors, This mode also has great difficulty in operation

there are many crises in market cultivation

the solar water heater industry has attracted a large number of enterprise operators and relevant personnel to join the industry in a very short time due to its short formation time, low entry threshold and high profits in the early stage of development, resulting in a relative overcapacity in the industry. Coupled with the lack of necessary market supervision, the market order of the industry is very chaotic. At present, some undesirable phenomena in the industry have or are seriously affecting the further cultivation and expansion of the market

first, some small solar water heater manufacturers who are mercenary are driven by interests and often cut corners in the production process. The solar energy products produced by them are of poor quality, cheap price and no guarantee of after-sales service. While nibbling at the secondary and tertiary markets, they have greatly damaged the image of the entire industry

second, the instability of the channels of agents and dealers has led to the passive withdrawal of some channel agents and dealers due to problems such as profit disputes, which has become a "stumbling block" to the construction of integrity in the industry, especially those general agents and general dealers who have withdrawn from the manufacturer. The sequelae left by them in the process of local agency has made it more difficult for manufacturers to choose agents and dealers again. After reselecting other brands, some agents tend to belittle the original brands according to their own information in order to promote the sales of existing brands. A well-known solar water heater enterprise has suffered from similar situations in Huangshan and Tongling, Anhui, and even threats such as "if we can't cooperate, you can't continue to develop here". Although this situation is not common, this malicious slander and attack is easy to mislead consumers without clear reasons, and then damage the overall image of the industry

III. employees in the solar water heater industry flow too frequently. In the frequent flow of marketing personnel, some materials related to enterprise secrets and key information are often brought to new enterprises and spread quickly. For some salespeople who change jobs to new enterprises, the wanton plundering of the customer resources of the original enterprise will also aggravate the chaos of the industry

there is an extreme shortage of professionals

talents, especially professionals, are the key factors for the sustainable development of an enterprise and even an industry. However, in the solar water heater production enterprises, even some leading enterprises also have a shortage of professionals at present

the senior managers of many solar water heater production enterprises are the former salesmen who have changed from the field of home appliance sales or some leading enterprises in the industry. The marketing mode advocated by these people is seriously similar, the innovation is not strong, the one-sided emphasis on short-term profits and the indifference to the talent training system often make the talent reserve of their enterprises significantly insufficient. And the nepotism and "cronyism" phenomenon that are common in private and private enterprises are also easy to cause strong dissatisfaction of some marketing talents and then affect their enthusiasm for work

the overall quality of front-line salespersons in solar water heater production enterprises is also worrying. Many front-line marketing personnel have never received systematic training from the company, and even the basic product knowledge is to learn and sell now. Therefore, in the process of market development, they often have the phenomena of unscientific market planning, unclear objectives, inconsistent publicity caliber, and many loopholes in investment promotion policies and product knowledge explanation

due to the simplification of market development form and the lack of internal employee training system, the phenomenon of "self survival" of enterprise marketing personnel is serious, and the problem of employee job hopping is also more prominent. This leads to the situation that enterprises are in urgent need of talents, extremely lack of talents, but can not retain talents and take the development path of "Introduction digestion absorption innovation"

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