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Solid photosensitive resin plate making method

solid photosensitive resin plate has become the preferred plate in relief printing at home and abroad today because of its advantages of fast plate making speed, high printing resistance, high resolution and no pollution

in the development, development and promotion of pva-500 series solid photosensitive resin plate and yzb series solid photosensitive resin plate making machine for more than ten years, we found that due to the users' insufficient understanding of the characteristics of plate materials, they did not choose good plate making equipment, so that the plate making quality was not satisfactory

here are some ways to quickly master plate making for friends' reference in their work

the water-soluble solid photosensitive resin plates we use are all photopolymer materials, and we pay special attention to various details when using them. It polymerizes under the irradiation of 360nm ultraviolet light. Because it is a water-soluble material, use clean water to wash away the unexposed part. Dry it after washing, and then post exposure to stabilize it and improve its moisture resistance and printing resistance

when using yzb plate making machine, first set the washing temperature, washing and drying time, drying temperature and post exposure time, so that it is a fixed value in each plate making. In this way, we can only control the exposure time according to the live parts

1. exposure

first remove the protective film of the resin plate and apply some talc powder to facilitate the absorption of the plate and prevent the negative from adhering to the plate, and then expose it

observe the side of the prepared version with a magnifying glass (as shown in Figure 1), and you can see that the photosensitive coating is a trapezoid, and the normal a angle is about 70 °. The a-angle decreases with the exposure time. The exposure time is long, and the words and lines are very firm. After washing and drying, the words are not easy to fall off and bend, but the version made is not thorough in a small area, giving people the feeling that some things are not washed clean in the gap; The exposure time is short. A is applicable to the mechanical experiment of steel plants, quality inspection stations, scientific research, colleges and universities and other units. The angle increases. After washing and drying, the light pen is missing and broken, the lines are bent, and the heavy words and lines are washed away. If you don't know the correct exposure time, you can use small plates first, choose different exposure to avoid the degradation of electroplating quality due to the quality of metal parts, adjust with a known amount of weight (counterweight) in advance, called "f calibration" room for exposure, after washing and drying, watch the slope of the publication, and then determine the correct exposure time. The exposure time of Tianjin Ketai pva-500 plate is about 5~7min

2. washing and drying

when washing the resin version, the washing time should be shortened as the temperature of the washing water increases. However, the water temperature should not be too high. Generally, the washing water temperature of domestic plates is set at 45 ℃. The washed plate can be directly placed in the drying room of the plate making machine, and the temperature is set at 90 ℃ for 15 ~ 20min

3. Post exposure

put the prepared plate directly into the exposure chamber of the plate making machine for post exposure, and the post exposure time is generally equal to or greater than the first exposure

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