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Recently, the global tire replacement expert, GUPT tire formal spring testing machine, introduced the first high-performance luxury SUV tire developed and manufactured by the UK - Zeon 4XS through the detection of leaf springs. This tire is developed by the technology research and development center of GUPT in the UK with advanced technology. It provides European people who love off-road driving with excellent performance and fashionable appearance based on innovative technology. Its beautiful appearance and excellent handling will ensure that car owners enjoy a smooth, quiet and comfortable journey. This is also the first ultra-high performance SUV tire developed by GUPT outside the United States

it is reported that this kind of tire is suitable for Porsche Cayenne and Volkswagen Parker. The company has clearly shifted its business focus to industrial post regeneration Touareg. BMW will continue to improve the requirements for this equipment in the later stage. X5, Audi Q7, Volvo XC90, Mercedes Benz M-class and other mainstream European crossover models. It covers three speed levels: Y (maximum speed 300km/h), w (270km) and V (240km). It will be sold in the UK and mainland Europe in early November and simultaneously in the Chinese market

in order to reach the level of supporting top-level vehicles, professional designers of GUPT tires have introduced the advanced technology of all-weather high-performance tire series, making the Zeon 4XS outstanding in all kinds of climates. The asymmetrical tread design makes it have reliable dry surface traction and all-weather excellent performance; The central "rib" design ensures precise steering maneuverability and high-speed linear stability. At the same time, these two unique external designs cooperate with each other, which can balance the tread wear and make it have super road handling performance. The design of longitudinal and transverse grooves can ensure four-way drainage, enhance the drainage function of the contact surface, resist road skid, and improve the braking and handling of wetlands. The wheel steel protection design can protect the front wheel flange from the damage of the kerb

the environmental protection concept of new energy is integrated into the product research and development. The tread pattern adopts silicone formula to enhance the grip and wear resistance of the wetland. At the same time, opt technology is used to help improve the fuel rate, reduce the rolling resistance of the tire and the rotation resistance of the engine during driving, and achieve the purpose of more environmental protection and fuel saving. At the same time, as a tire entering the European market, Zeon 4XS also meets the EU regulations and standards on environmentally friendly oil in production

the off-road tire developed and produced by GUPT for the first time outside the headquarters has a high adaptability to European road conditions and vehicles, which will better expand the European market for GUPT tire and consolidate its leading position in the off-road tire market

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