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Solar Max begins to explore the Chinese photovoltaic market

in China, photovoltaic enterprises from Europe and the United States are gradually losing their Chinese market share. In addition to the large market of high-tech core equipment and auxiliary materials, as well as foreign enterprises, more and more segments are occupied by localization advocated by this country that regards new energy as a future opportunity. Inverter industry is no exception, but there are still some foreign enterprises trying to find a "arable land" in this market with increasing PV installed capacity, including solarmax from Switzerland

confidence in technology and quality

"all our products are imported from Switzerland." Geng Bo, general manager of solarmax China of sparnik engineering group, is trying to introduce the quality of the inverter that solarmax has to obtain at high temperature due to the emission spectrum to Chinese users. Solarmax's first official appearance in the Chinese market was at the Beijing intersolar exhibition in December 2011. Although this was late among many inverter brands entering the Chinese market, Geng Bo was full of confidence in solarmax's foothold in the Chinese market. On the one hand, this confidence comes from Swiss quality, such as the global reputation of Swiss clocks and sabers; On the other hand, it comes from the added value that its products have brought to users in the market inspection of more than 20 years

sparnik, who has been engaged in inverter research and development since 1991, has now become one of the top ten inverter suppliers in the world, with an output of nearly 800MW in 2010 and 2011. Solarmax has formed a full range of product lines, and provides a number of optional components to enhance added value

S series of

kw, MT series of kW, TS series of kW, ts-sv of 330kw and box inverter of 330kw-1.32mw can cover all user needs. When the inverter structure is more and more similar, solarmax seeks differentiated competition in details. Sparnik has very strict requirements on the parts supply chain, and the requirements for the selection level of parts of its standard products are higher than those of all customers in China, "even some spare parts can't be bought in China." Under strict requirements, solarmax's European efficiency and maximum efficiency have always been in the forefront of similar products, and its products have been rated a by photon Laboratory for many times, and even some models have been rated as the highest a++. Geng Bo said, "this kind of quality requirement will appear. The earliest machine has only been repaired three times in 20 years of operation."

modularization has become a development trend of large central inverter. Solarmax claims that its module cut-in and cut-out are more flexible. For example, in the morning, multiple modules will start up successively with the increase of daily illumination until they reach full power; In the evening, the module will also exit gradually with the decline of sunshine, so as to ensure the maximum use of solar energy every day. The module of solarmax is 110KW, which can be flexibly combined and configured. Geng Bo added other details, "With the problems exposed by the early products, we also continue to improve. For example, the current unique heat dissipation technology is the integration of cast aluminum on the base for active heat dissipation, so as to reduce the impact of heat dissipation on efficiency. The geographical environment of the power station often has a lot of sand and dust. Solarmax has launched a variety of structural modifications such as double-layer door design, which has a good application effect in the dusty areas in Spain and southern Italy."

in addition to the vertical development of technology, solarmax is also seeking horizontal series of added values, which are more reflected in the use after installation. Maxcontrol is the service package of central inverter, which can provide inverter detection, on-site service, compensation for electricity loss with an annual availability of less than 97%, and provide monthly electricity revenue data by email. Maxdesign can carry out the recent combined design of modules and inverters, calculate the power loss of DC string and trunk lines, AC lines, calculate the power generation of all European countries, etc. Maxcomm communication platform used for separate system detection can evaluate the data of independent residential users

maxweb data recorder is the most prominent monitoring platform of solarmax, and has also become the standard configuration of inverter. Users can view the daily, monthly and annual power generation and revenue, carbon dioxide emission reduction, etc. on the flexible communication terminal through the automatic update of maxwebportal monitoring system - such as the tablet computer announced by President Barack Obama on January 9, etc. - in real time, as well as the operation status of various instruments, Timely reflect the error information and other important data of the system to ensure the stable operation of the power station. Unlike some similar monitoring components, maxweb realizes remote operation by equipping maxremote remote remote control program accessories without additional installation of external interface converter

solarmax has extended more product lines around maxweb. Maxmonitoring is an app application for displaying device data on terminal devices; Maxtalk software is also used for field communication, providing the most important data in real time, and displaying the overview of configuration and settings. Maxdisplay can better display system values; Maxmeteo solar radiation sensor can record real-time radiation and photovoltaic module temperature, and transmit information through maxtalk; Maxcount can display the working status of two meters at most at the same time, and calculate the power generation and consumption of each unit

for solarmax central inverter, maxconnectplus generator junction box is also a "good helper", which can effectively detect the effects caused by faults and shadows. The two types of junction boxes can be used for 12 and 16 strings respectively. Maxcomm wall mounted power supply, sf915 antenna to improve the acceptance capacity of the communication system, maxcomm bus repeater for larger roads and overcome the difficulty of long communication distance, etc. all provide better selection weights for solarmax

in terms of warranty, solarmax also extended the basic warranty of both series and central inverters for 5 years, and provided a paid 25 year warranty on request. Geng Bo is not worried that the warranty will have a negative impact on the revenue performance. "In the European case, the cumulative time of MBTF (mean time between failures) has been very long, that is to say, the interval between inverter hardware failures is increasing." The after-sales service of solarmax is mainly in communication, interface, monitoring and other systems

bottomless Chinese market share expectation

confidence in quality and technology has not brought corresponding market share to solarmax. In the past year since entering the Chinese market, solarmax's sales performance has not been very good. "In the middle of the year, a supply agreement for large ground power stations was signed, but its implementation was postponed, and the delivery date was changed to the end of December." Geng Bo was not very satisfied with the sales of solarmax in the Chinese market. "Solarmax has still done some small projects, but the total amount is not large. We have caught up with a bad period, but recently there have been good policy news. Solarmax has experienced good times in the market and low tides in its 20-year history, but it has always insisted."

Geng Bo said that solarmax has a very perfect market plan in China with the improvement of the performance of new materials, and will never withdraw after a year or two because of its poor performance. In less than two years, the cumulative shipment of sparnik, which only set up an office in China in 2011, has exceeded 20MW, and many orders have not been implemented. Geng Bo analyzed the difficulties solarmax encountered in the Chinese market from multiple perspectives

the strict requirements on parts and components and the factors of original import lead to the cost price of solarmax higher than that of most similar products, but its price is not higher than that of similar products, "so it is almost unprofitable and even losing money", Geng Bo made an analogy, "You have to have chicken before you have eggs. No matter how many products solarmax sells in Europe, it is not as good as having certain performance in China. We need to prove the value it brings to Chinese customers with performance. Although we have sold some small inverters in China through trading companies and agents since 2006, that does not mean that solarmax officially enters the Chinese market."

even if he can get the order, the team led by Geng Bo will face another "painful" payment method. "Solarmax has never encountered such a long accounting period in Europe." In order to get closer to the Chinese market, solarmax is also looking for solutions, "we are exploring the use of bank guarantees and other financial instruments to make up for the difference between solarmax's financial practices and customer payments."

Geng Bo confidently said, "solarmax will not only do it in China for a year or two, but for a long time. Therefore, we will fully respect China's business rules, culture, rules and regulations." Solarmax takes the first batch of foreign excellent equipment manufacturers entering China, such as Schneider and abb, as examples. He is building a better Chinese team

solarmax has a stable attitude towards the Chinese market and "will not be disturbed by the outside world". The team led by Geng Bo formulated a detailed market development plan for solarmax. The state-owned enterprises participating in the investment of photovoltaic power stations, led by the five major power companies, are the key customers of solarmax, "Component companies and EPC companies are also the focus of our development. We are looking for win-win points, such as setting up a joint venture technology center, sending technicians to assist in the development of power stations, and providing partners with product performance and technical indicators. We will share with customers for free the vast experience accumulated by solarmax in the European and American markets and our understanding of inverters, power stations and electricity."

solarmax is not afraid of the competition from China's increasingly powerful local manufacturers, "Sungrow power is the largest inverter company in China, but if they want to enter the European market, they will face similar problems when we enter the Chinese market. The Chinese market is large enough, and each enterprise has its own market strategy and customer base. After solarmax goes down step by step according to the plan, it will definitely find customers who recognize us, and we will not over enlarge the market share target. Both bigger and smaller have their own advantages and disadvantages Bad. "

solarmax hopes to find suitable Chinese customers with added value such as power generation and warranty scheme. Solarmax claims that the operation is the same as above, and will provide the maximum power generation to customers. "In Europe, special contracts will be signed with users. Except for weather reasons, if the power generation drops suddenly one day due to equipment problems, solarmax will compensate for the lost power costs."

in order to be closer to the Chinese market, solarmax is considering localized manufacturing. "We have begun to look for relevant partner factories in Shanghai, not only to reduce costs, but also to meet customer needs and electrical property requirements in an all-round way. At present, we are talking about cooperation with several Chinese enterprises, and we plan to set up a joint research and development center, followed by the establishment of factories, production and assembly."

solarmax is constantly close to the requirements of the Chinese market. Solarmax has obtained the golden sun certification, which makes its products expected to be applied in a 10MW golden sun project in Guangdong. In order to meet the demand for electricity in large power stations in the west, solarmax has been queuing for low voltage ride through tests. Because there are too many queuing enterprises, in order to pass the test faster, solarmax has reached a compromise agreement with Nanjing National Electric Power Research Institute to provide relevant data through the third party Freiburg laboratory in Germany, the organization that first proposed the low voltage ride through standard, and the on-site test will also continue

the successive launch of China's distributed photovoltaic power generation policy also gives solarmax new opportunities. Geng Bo said, "next year's market

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