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Solid3000v7.0 new version new features, new applications

I. Introduction

as the only localized and standardized 3D CAD software in China, Xinzhou company has grandly launched the latest version of Xinzhou 3D Solid3000 - ---- Solid3000 v7.0 after nearly a year of research and development. This version has made many improvements in software functions, ease of use, integration and other aspects according to user suggestions, and has embedded motion simulation modules at the same time, Further improve the technical level of the software

II. Introduction to Solid3000 v7.0 features

1. Faster, more convenient and innovative design

1.1 optimized the sketch solution function

added the hints of sketch under constraint, over constraint and complete constraint, and the color of the graph line can be dynamically changed according to the binding situation, thus greatly increasing people's worries about the economy After years of rapid growth in many regions, the quality of sketch modeling is improved and the difficulty of sketch constraint analysis is reduced

1.2 the ability of reusing features and sketches is enhanced.

the feature library function is added. Users can save commonly used features or sketches to the feature library by simple drag and drop. When they are used again, they only need to call out the feature and modify the size appropriately as needed, so as to reduce users' repeated work

(feature library drawing)

1.3 the function of dimension expression is enhanced

it can establish dimension relationships across sketches, features and models, fully reflect the design intent, make engineers' desire to flexibly control the complex relationship between dimension parameters a reality, and provide strong support for innovative product design

(dimension expression diagram)

1.4 perfect in place design ability

the "in place" constraint is added, which makes the top-down design process more perfect. Through the disconnection and recovery of the association, the scope affected by the design modification can be effectively managed, and the assembly constraint management is optimized, which makes the search and modification of constraints more convenient

1.5 add intelligent assembly constraints

in the assembly environment, you can use the right button to drag components to intelligently add assembly constraints between components, so that the interface and process of assembly constraints are simplified, and the operation is more intuitive and smooth

1.6 add the hole matching feature under assembly

to realize the hole matching of multiple related parts under assembly, so as to reduce repeated operations, improve design efficiency, and be more in line with actual design habits

1.7 add the assembly synchronization function

assembly synchronization can help users conveniently synchronize the assembly and its components between two computers, and facilitate the support of remote work and collaborative work of the same project. For example, users can pack the unfinished work in the office through the wizard, take it home to continue working, and then take the modified file back to the office through the wizard

2. Stronger engineering drawing ability

2.1 newly added standard system

through the newly added engineering drawing standard manager, it provides a platform for formulating multiple standards. Users can customize a variety of standards according to their own needs, which is convenient for standardization management of drawings, and can easily realize the change of existing drawing standards, Thus, the drawing management between multiple departments or with other enterprises is more effective and simple, and designers can also focus more on design

(engineering drawing)

2.2 improves the projection mechanism of entities

solves the occlusion problems of section lines, threads, gears, bearings, etc. in engineering drawings, making engineering drawings more perfect in sectioning, occlusion, etc

2.3 expand the annotation range

support the annotation on the centerline and dimension. Some engineering annotations such as datum symbols and roughness can be attached to the centerline or dimension line, which greatly enhances the annotation ability under the engineering drawing

3. Richer standard parts library

the new version further expands the original standard parts library types, adds the machinery industry standard (JB), and provides common machine tool fixtures and components; Expand the national standards, add almost all the standard parts of ferrule pipe joints, add dozens of standard parts of steel pipe flanges, add dozens of bearing models and relevant accessories of bearings, and add a variety of seals

(standard parts drawing)

the new version of standard parts library enables users to choose a wider range, which is applicable to more industries. It also saves users the trouble of building standard parts library by themselves, so that users can focus more on product design

4. Enhanced sheet metal design module 787 ⑴ 0 the aircraft has received orders for a total of 149 aircraft from 9 customers around the world

4.1 the calculation method of bending compensation is enhanced

the sheet metal matrix can be directly set with the unfolding length (BA) or bending deduction (BD), or a BA/BD experience table can be established. During design, the program automatically queries the corresponding values in the table according to the entered radius and bending angle, so as to accurately control the blanking size, Adapt to the actual design habits of more users

4.2 added the function of solid to sheet metal

through this function, the parts generated by shell feature can be transformed into sheet metal, and the subsequent sheet metal feature design can be continued, so as to make full use of the characteristics of solid modeling to control the shape and size, and facilitate the accurate design of some sheet metal parts

(sheet metal diagram)

4.3 further enhance the ability and ease of use of sheet metal modeling

the new version of sheet metal module adds flange pieces, cross-section flanges, ruffles and stamping features, which improves the ability and ease of use of sheet metal modeling to a new level. Through the section flange function, users can draw a sketch to define the flange section shape to be added, and then sweep along the edge of the existing sheet to generate a new flange; The ruffle feature predefines the commonly used Ruffle (or flanging) form in design, which can quickly create an ideal Ruffle shape; Stamping realizes the feature of "big with small, small with big", which allows users to create a punch part first, and then act on the sheet metal flange in the assembly environment to generate a stamping sheet metal part with complex shape

5. One of the biggest highlights of the built-in motion simulation module

solid3000 v7.0 is the built-in mechanism motion simulation module, which is fully integrated with the assembly environment. The software provides a wealth of motion pairs, such as rotating pairs, sliding pairs, cylindrical pairs, screw pairs, ball joint pairs and gear pairs, as well as rich driving means. Through the setting of various initial conditions, the real motion of complex assembly mechanisms can be simulated, Through dynamic interference inspection, interference inspection can be carried out automatically in the process of movement, so that users can obtain the ability to simulate and analyze products in the design stage with little capital investment, so as to optimize and improve product quality

(motion simulation diagram)

6. A more perfect PLM integration scheme

solid3000 v7.0 fully considers the actual needs of the manufacturing industry in collaborative design, analysis, manufacturing and management, integrates the world's excellent technical resources, and provides users with a complete PLM solution. The newly opened application program interface (API) allows other upstream and downstream software to directly access the product model, making data integration more flexible and efficient; Increase the unique support for CAPP, and fully consider the objective needs of domestic manufacturing industry; New compact cad/pdm solutions integrated with domestic well-known PDM companies provide more choices for enterprise users

III. conclusion

through the above introduction, we can roughly understand the major improvements and improvements in functions, ease of operation, modules and other aspects of Solid3000 v7.0. With the support of the majority of users, Solid3000 will become a powerful assistant for domestic engineers with stronger functions and simpler operations according to the personal experience and actual needs of Chinese users. (end)

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