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Hubei Jingshan launched a new printing slotting die-cutting machine

recently, Hubei Jingshan Light Machinery Co., Ltd. and its main new product, the elf, appeared at the 2009 Shanghai Lihua International Corrugated exhibition. Once the product was launched, the market responded strongly

elves, namely ykmb 4S printing slotting die-cutting machine, is designed and developed by Jingshan Light Machinery Co., Ltd. this year to reduce energy consumption as much as possible according to customers' demand for new printing equipment and the development trend of corrugated board printing equipment at home and abroad. The machine is just like its name. The characteristics of the whole product truly reflect small, fine and smart. Small, exquisite design, energy saving and consumption reduction, taking small and medium-sized specifications as the model, highlighting small investment, low energy consumption and less land occupation, and providing customers with matching professional equipment products; Precision, precise production and simplified modules. With the goal of practicality and simplification, we use the enterprise's precision machining center to produce, scientifically and reasonably improve the process flow, and create high-performance and cost-effective products for customers; It is flexible, efficient, high-speed and applicable, highlighting the concept of humanization, with reasonable structural design and powerful equipment functions. The production speed can reach 250 pieces/minute and 300 pieces/minute, truly realizing efficient production

in the competition with top products from exhibitors all over the world, the advantages of the elf machine are vividly reflected and brilliant. Due to the accurate market positioning of the product and the stable operation of the equipment, it has attracted the attention of many merchants. Once the optional products of the production and tension testing machine were launched, they were popular in the market. In addition to the sample machine being snapped up on site, there was an endless stream of customer intention negotiations, realizing the prosperity of both production and sales of the enterprise

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