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Solid state relay is expected to become a new favorite in the market

due to its long service life, fast response time, high reliability and low control switching power consumption, solid state relay plays an increasingly prominent role in the global relay market. Solid state relay manufacturers also focus on r&d models that can compete with electromechanical relays

solid state relay:

feasible substitute for electromechanical relay

by reducing cost and improving packaging, while enhancing function and performance, solid state relay can be used as a feasible substitute for electromechanical relay. According to the data provided by the investment development company (VDC), solid state relay (SSR) accounts for more than 10% of the global relay market. Market research companies predict that this share may also increase significantly due to the zero point oscillation of electromechanical relays: the price gap between oil replacement and solid-state relays is narrowed. Although electromechanical relays are still dominant, SSR is rapidly becoming the first choice for many applications, especially in the fields of communication and microprocessor control

due to its small size and silent action, SSR is widely used in household appliances and industrial fields. The load current of household appliances is 0.1A, but only a few SSRs are suitable for this application. Therefore, Japanese manufacturers have been developing SSRs with greater load current

sharp has developed a low-cost SSR with an effective current of 0.3A in the on state. The price of pr23mf11nsz solid state relay launched by sharp company is almost the same as that of electromechanical relay. The size of this DIL (digital integrated logic) product is 9.7mm × 3.5mm, the occupied space is 50% lower than most electromechanical relays, and the duty cycle is 75% lower than electromechanical relays, which are mainly applicable to the upgrading equipment of high-yield old users. Compared with electromechanical relays, its power consumption is lower, about 0.1W

the growth of applications in the communication field has stimulated manufacturers to develop small solid state relays with faster action and higher power

fujitsucomponent company of Japan sold Sn series ultra thin relay to the market, which has four varieties: AC input, AC output, DC input and DC output, all of which are 5mm in size × 20mm × 17mm。 This product is compatible with lead-in pins, which makes it convenient for users to replace traditional electromechanical relays with solid-state relays

Chinese relay manufacturers are also developing SSRs that are compatible with traditional electromechanical relays from lead to lead. Some data predict that SSR may become the mainstream due to its long service life and contactless structure that can reduce the risk of electrostatic ignition

cosmoelectronics company in Taiwan Province of China believes that SSR may replace reed relay and electromechanical relay due to its power saving characteristics

global market: it will maintain an average annual growth rate of 2.8%

Investment Development Company believes that the decline period of the global relay market is about to end. As the global economy enters the recovery period, the United States and Japan are trying to get rid of the economic recession, and the growth rate of declining relay consumption will rebound

the market research company predicts that the relay market will return to a high growth rate this year. By the end of the year, the global consumption of relays is expected to reach US $4.92 billion, and the relay market has a bright prospect

the predicted results show that the relay market will grow at an average annual growth rate of 2.8% in the next few years, and the total relay market in 2005 will reach US $5.45 billion

China's mainland market:

the quotation of SSR remains stable

as SSR is considered to be a high-end product, its competition is not very fierce compared with other types of relays. More new manufacturers, especially joint ventures and private companies, will eventually enter this industry

the domestic SSR industry is expected to recover due to the optimistic demand forecast for automotive control applications, communications, fire protection equipment and aircraft measuring instruments

in addition, fax modems and PC cards are expected to stimulate SSR sales

as semiconductor technology has developed smaller and smaller components, the overall SSR package size has been reduced, allowing designers to save PCB space, which is of great significance in PC card applications, such as laptop and handheld computer modems

exports are expected to expand. Europe and North America are the main export destinations of SSR of the property. Xiamen Hongfa electroacoustic Co., Ltd. plans to export 70% of the total output, and Beijing ximandun Automation Research Institute and radio component factory 1 plan to ship 50% of the total output to overseas markets

local manufacturers will further expand the market by strengthening high-end products and product quality and increasing r&d. However, high cost will be the main factor restraining r&d in this industry

in addition to the size factor, users are looking for products that can load larger loads and provide more advanced control and protection. Users are more concerned about safety features and a higher level of control than speed control

the next generation SSR will be a digital SSR with greater strain capacity without loss of characteristics. Due to the high r&d and production costs, SSR quotation will remain stable and there will not be much fluctuation in the first half of the year

Taiwan market in China:

consumer SSR dominated supply

although Taiwan Province in China has less than 10 companies supplying solid state relays, the market is small compared with the mainland of China, and the competition on the island is more intense. It is estimated that the market capacity of solid state relays in mainland China and Taiwan Province is about 50million. The competition mainly comes from the United States, Japan and local markets

most SSRs supplied by manufacturers are for applications in the field of consumer electronics. Brighttoward is the only company in Taiwan that produces SSR for industrial use

stimulated by orders for test equipment, industrial control systems and PC applications, the demand for industrial SSR will triple in 2003

driven by market demand, fax modem system makes all measurement and control systems more accurate. Manufacturers continue to shift production to the mainland of the motherland, and the sales cost of consumer SSR will be reduced

on the other hand, cosmoelectronics predicts that the demand for SSR will increase by 20%. This is because the SSR demand for communication and security equipment will increase by more than 20%. Excelcellelectronic predicts a slight increase of 5% - 10% this year. The growth comes from temperature control equipment and office automation products

even if the demand forecast is generally optimistic, Taiwan companies in China generally do not plan to increase production except ECE company (with the establishment of factories in the mainland of the motherland, the company plans to expand its monthly output of 20000). Cosmoelectronics company says its monthly output is 10million, and it is the only company in Taiwan province that can independently design and package SSR

in order to carry out r&d and achieve a monthly output of 30000, brighttoward has cooperated with Japanese Okita company. SSR supplied by the company adopts internal components. Packaging and testing are also carried out internally. Brighttoward focuses on SSR with fast response time and low production cost

everwellelectronic can supply 50000 plastic and metal encapsulated SSRs every month. The company is currently developing high current (65A) and high voltage (480v) SSRs

r&d activities focus on energy-saving SSR with high power, high voltage and fast response

cosmoelectronics is planning to adopt new ICS to improve performance and reduce production costs. They are developing an energy-saving SSR, which consumes only 1mA of driving current

cosmoelectronics' new products include: caqy210ab series with dip and surface mount, day210b series with dip package and caqy210sb series with SOP package

the price of consumer SSR in 2003 is expected to remain stable. However, the price of industrial SSR will be reduced by 10%. This is because new companies may enter this field

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