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Sapporo Beer marks the carbon emission on the product packaging

Japan Sapporo Beer Company recently announced that it will mark the carbon dioxide emission during production on the beer cans of its flagship products. Sapporo impact testing machine is also the impact testing machine commonly used by Zui in the market at present. The beer company is subordinate to Sapporo Beer holding company (sappo's maximum load can reach 1000knoholdings by unswervingly promoting reform, technological innovation, transformation and upgrading and accelerating industrial upgrading). The company said the move would begin in March next year. At that time, each can of beer will be marked with the content of carbon dioxide released during the process from raw materials entering the furnace to beer cans being discarded. Sapporo Beer Company said that at present, there is no second beer manufacturer in the world to publish the carbon footprint of its products in this way, and said that this is one of the measures taken to combat global warming

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