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"SARS" creates eight business opportunities in the Chinese market

at the Symposium on "SARS and the Asian economy" held in Beijing recently, long Yongtu, Secretary General of the Boao Forum for Asia, summarized the impact of SARS as "two sides of a coin" - while the tourism, catering, transportation and other industries were hit, it stimulated the market demand of the media, telecommunications, medicine, automobile and other industries. On the 19th, the economic information daily published an article on the front page, which analyzed that SARS has created eight business opportunities in the Chinese market: SARS has inflamed the television industry: during the SARS period, watching TV has replaced activities in public places such as bars, dinners and tourism, and has become the largest leisure. All TV stations have obviously increased the proportion of film and television dramas, and a large number of health programs also cater to people's mood at this time. On April 18, the science and education channel of Beijing Television launched a live special program "cherish health and prevent SARS", with a maximum audience rating of 7% on the day of its debut. Many well-known columns of CCTV also quickly turned their targets to the publicity of SARS prevention and control. In extraordinary times, the audience rating of the program has greatly increased, and the improvement of the audience rating has brought a large number of advertisements, and the income of TV advertisements has increased

SARS starts network life: Although network education is far from new in China, it is this epidemic that makes network a real and practical means of education. Affected by SARS, the Beijing Education Commission opened the "air classroom" and "classroom" from May 6, when it took only 18 seconds to process the sample gap once. The economic benefits of network education are also emerging. The famous New Oriental School has been suspended due to SARS prevention, but its school, New Oriental Education business, has soared. During this period, e-government has heated up rapidly, and the central and local stations have strengthened and improved the office platform. The most beneficial thing is e-commerce. During the "May Day" holiday, the excellent sales volume of professional e-commerce stations increased by 25% than usual. Instant messaging software has also been accepted by more and more enterprises. E-banking is also booming. A banker said humorously, "since SARS, the popularity of e-banking has increased faster than any publicity and advertising!"

SARS makes pharmaceutical enterprises: in early April, after two experts in Beijing issued the formula of SARS traditional Chinese medicine, the price of Chinese herbal medicine in the famous Chinese herbal medicine market, Anguo herbal medicine market in Hebei Province, soared all the way. In the recent stock market, pharmaceutical companies often appear before the rise, among which there is the famous Tongrentang. In the first quarter of this year, the sales volume of Banlangen in Tongrentang was equivalent to the sum of the past two years. As China's largest Banlangen production base, Guangzhou Baiyunshan Pharmaceutical Factory, the sales volume of Banlangen accounted for 60% of the national market

SARS helps Telecom winners: after SARS blocked normal interpersonal activities, people began to maintain information communication with the outside world more by making and sending text messages. 2、 During the peak period of SARS in Guangdong in March, the SMS traffic of China Mobile and China Unicom was once in a traffic jam. The SMS traffic increased by more than 30% than usual, and it soared by more than 50% during the "May Day" period. The SMS traffic of sina, Sohu and other portal stations generally increased by about 20%

SARS gave birth to the market of disinfection products: SARS made people develop good hygiene habits. In March, especially since April, sterilization products represented by disinfectant water have been popular. Xi'an kaimi company with an annual production capacity of 100000 tons of hand sanitizer, because its products have (consumer) approved brands, sales in Shenzhen alone increased by three to five times. Insiders said frankly: it is SARS that has made the concept of disinfection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the formation of consumption habits and independent categories marks the formation of China's sterilization product market

SARS stimulates the car market: SARS once made many Beijingers in the epidemic area abandon public transportation and buy private cars. In Beijing, 34571 new motor vehicles were added in April, up 23. 5% year-on-year 8%。 The net increase of private small and mini buses was 2838, an increase of 66. 5% year on year 1%。 In the city 196 Among the 40000 motor vehicles, the number of private motor vehicles is 124 80000. Jia Xinguang, chief analyst of China Automobile Industry Development Research Institute, said, "the increase in automobile consumption caused by SARS is only a short-term market behavior". The sales of China's automobile market has its own future trend, and the panic effect caused by SARS also has its cycle limit. It may have some impact on the formulation and revision of private car market standards, but it will not last for a long time

SARS ignites the sports leisure industry: it is a recognized fact in the medical community to improve the body's immunity and prevent the invasion of SARS through sports. Kite flying has become an activity suitable for both young and old to regularly replace oil suction filters and filter elements. Parks, gyms and outdoor activities make fun of customers. "Sports equipment sales are very popular. Baidu, China's largest search engine, made statistics on the number of searches for daily necessities in two weeks. Masks won the first place in one fell swoop, CDs ranked second, and bicycles ranked third

SARS tests the insurance industry: SARS undoubtedly enhances people's risk awareness. One of the actions after raising vigilance is to think of buying medical and health insurance. In April, Beijing's life insurance companies achieved a premium income of about 2billion yuan, an increase of 69. 5% over the same period last year 84%。 According to the data of China Life Insurance Guangzhou Branch, from late April to now, the number of new health and medical insurance insured by the company has increased sharply every day

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