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SAP management software helps FAW Volkswagen improve its customer service system

FAW Volkswagen Co., Ltd. was founded in 1991. It pioneered the production of modern cars in China and is also the only manufacturer of mid-range and luxury cars in China. Recently, the company used mySAP customer relationship management solution (mySAP CRM) to realize advanced customer relationship management

Mr. Wang Qiang, the senior manager in charge of information management services, said: "We mainly use mySAP CRM solution to overcome the problems of late and pure customer service response and low response times in the supply chain service of various models of GM Wuling, BAIC, GAC and other host manufacturers. In terms of supporting customer service, the original it system cannot provide real-time information, the integration of data and business processes is incomplete, and there is a lack of IT professionals."

FAW Volkswagen sells products through regional dealers, and cannot directly obtain the required customer feedback, so it cannot guarantee to provide customers with high-quality services and intelligent management of the market. The company has implemented mySAP customer relationship management solution (mySAP CRM) in just six months, which improves the quality of customer service and can master more important information related to the customer base

Mr. Wang said, "mySAP CRM has obviously consolidated the relationship between us and our customers, and integrated all customer service functions on one platform from sales, service to marketing."

led by the customer service center

FAW Volkswagen has implemented the mySAP CRM customer interaction center (CIC), which integrates sales, service and marketing. Now, customers can contact the customer contact center through, fax, email and Internet. In the FAW Volkswagen project, mySAP CRM is closely integrated with core SAP enterprise solutions, and customers, service representatives and enterprises can share communication and information

when evaluating this system, Mr. Wang said, "Now, through the integration of mySAP CRM and core SAP enterprise solutions, we can access the relevant information of products, dealers and customers at any time. Therefore, customer service representatives can master the latest product information and solve the problems raised by customers anytime and anywhere. Because the whole process of automobile production is embedded in mySAP CRM system, service representatives can make more accurate and reliable decisions based on first-hand information, monitor and better Well meet the needs of customers. "

the solution directly promotes FAW Volkswagen to achieve the highest enterprise goal of high control accuracy and measurement accuracy

Mr. Wang said, "MySAP CRM enables us to better communicate with customers, improve service and product quality, and achieve the strategic goal of becoming a leading enterprise in China's automobile production. This solution can improve the overall image of our enterprise: respond more quickly to market changes, and further improve customer satisfaction. MySAP CRM can provide customers with the best service, so it can also attract potential customers, thereby improving our economic efficiency."

gorgeous color can make the design more pleasing to the eye and implement quickly: six months

FAW Volkswagen also considered a series of other solutions before choosing mySAP CRM

"after a comprehensive evaluation of reliability, flexibility and stability, we chose mySAP CRM among various customer relationship management solutions," Mr. Wang added, "and this solution can be fully integrated with our existing SAP core enterprise solutions. The good architecture of mySAP CRM is also conducive to the future upgrading of the system." FAW Volkswagen quickly deployed mySAP CRM with accelerated SAP rapid implementation technology. The mySAP CRM server of the company is HP enterprise server running in UNIX environment, and the client is Oracle database and windows NT system

mysap CRM is installed in the customer center of FAW Volkswagen and is integrated with computers and solutions composed of integrated voice response (IVR) system, diagnostic system and Siemens system

mysap: create enterprise competitive advantage

the customer contact center has more than ten customer service personnel, handling about 800 incoming and outgoing calls every day. MySAP customer integration center solution can handle incoming and outgoing calls, manage emails and various activities, track, monitor and improve the overall level of customer contact

so far, the implemented solutions have significantly improved the company's operating conditions. FAW Volkswagen plans to implement mySAP CRM market expansion function and information mining function in the next step to further improve customer service level

Mr. Wang finally said, "mySAP helps us quickly and accurately respond to customers' requirements, make them satisfied with the company's services, and further improve customer loyalty. This solution also helps to straighten out our business processes, improve work efficiency, and improve key operational indicators." Mys currently has many tensile testing machines on the market for testing the tensile properties of materials. AP CRM has greatly improved the competitive strength of FAW Volkswagen

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