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Sapphire new technology will open up a new situation in the LED industry

recently, the artificial sapphire crystal with the highest weight level and the largest monomer in the world was born in the production workshop of Inner Mongolia Jinghuan Electronic Materials Co., Ltd., with a weight level of 450 kg, which has increased the previous 350 kg world record held by Russia by 100 kg. This achievement of the R & D team of Jinghuan electronics has once again proved to the world that "enterprises are an important subject of technological innovation". The birth of this new core technology has also quietly changed the current situation and international competitiveness of China's artificial gem production industry

sapphire manufacturing industry grew in adversity

speaking of Baoli Gaoshi, people must first think of jewelry and jewelry. In fact, as an important raw material in the field of high-tech production, artificial sapphire has already been integrated into people's daily life. From smart cameras, touch screens, LED lights to national key equipment, high-intensity lasers, optical components of astronomical observation systems, artificial sapphires are everywhere

since the new century, when the demand and output value of sapphire components in the United States, Europe, Japan and other developed countries and regions have reached astronomical figures, China's Sapphire production and manufacturing industry has just started

in 2000, China began to develop sapphire growth technology in an all-round way. Although the products made by temperature gradient method can fully meet the requirements of military industry and optoelectronic industry in terms of quality, they have been unable to go out of the laboratory in terms of batch production for a long time. It was not until 10 years later that good news came frequently

in April, 2011, the LED sapphire substrate chip project of Qingdao jiajingdian Technology Co., Ltd. was officially put into production, and the production capacity was expanded to 1.8 million chips within three years, marking that China's LED sapphire chips broke the foreign technical blockade and formed large-scale production

it can also further enhance the anti-skid performance

in June of the same year, a 100 kg artificial sapphire crystal was born in Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province, which made the supply of high-quality materials in China's fast-growing LED industry a reality, breaking the passive situation of China's sapphire crystal growth and long-term dependence on imports in the substrate manufacturing market

in April 2016, the first Jiangxi made artificial 120 kg sapphire crystal came out in Nanchang "Optics Valley", marking the official birth of the sapphire touch screen made locally in Jiangxi intelligent industry. At that time, Zhang Zhenzhi, the chief engineer of the R & D project, said proudly, "Apple mirror Chagan hopes that through President Xi's visit, the Headcover and home keys are supplied by us. In addition to targeting the field of optical applications, we will also focus on the field of electronic applications such as smart panels."

this series of news is enough to excite Chinese people. However, fundamentally speaking, the "made in China" of sapphire has not completely come out of adversity: the production equipment and production process of products still rely on imports to a large extent, resulting in a lack of voice in production costs and product prices; More importantly, China's production capacity and product size can not meet the comprehensive needs of national defense science and technology and national key equipment

at the beginning of 2017, Russia proudly announced to the world that the world's largest 350 kg artificial sapphire was born in that country

"in the final analysis, our lack of international voice in the industry is due to the lack of core production technology, a set of completely our own production technology!" Zhang Jun, general manager of Jinghuan electronics, said so

crystal Big Mac competes for the international voice

in the production workshop of Inner Mongolia Jinghuan electronics company, a 450 kg artificial sapphire stands in front of the display cabinet, transparent and bubble free. Touch with your hand, you can still feel the residual temperature just coming out of the furnace. Ouyang penggen, deputy general manager and chief engineer of Jinghuan electronics, told Science and technology: "this is the artificial sapphire with the highest weight level and the largest monomer in the world at present. It is based on the production technology of bubble process."

bubble process is the mainstream method of producing artificial sapphire in the world at present, and it is also the main production process that countries all over the world are committed to tackling key technological problems and increasing investment in technological research and development. The principle is to first heat the alumina raw material to the melting point and then form the molten soup. Don't worry about the failure of the seed crystal testing machine. Don't worry about the rod contacting the molten soup surface. Single crystals with the same crystal structure as the seed crystal begin to grow on the solid-liquid interface between the seed crystal rod and the molten soup. The seed crystal is pulled up at a very slow speed and finally solidified into a whole single crystal anchorage

"this is a production process with a relatively long process, which has a high test and extremely demanding requirements for the control of furnace temperature and the coordinated application of production system. Therefore, the technical requirements of producing 450 kg products and

producing 200 kg and 350 kg products are qualitatively different from each other." Ouyang penggen said

after the mass production of 100 kg and 250 kg artificial sapphires, the R & D team of Jinghuan electronics led by Ouyang penggen did not stop innovating. In 2017, shortly after the 300 kg sapphire of crystal ring electronics reached the production conditions, the 350 kg world record of Russian mono crystal company stimulated Ouyang penggen's R & D team: "first, we should compete with them and hold on; second, our domestic industry and enterprises do have a great desire for new core technologies, which is the biggest driving force of our R & D!"

therefore, the "bubble generation fully automatic sapphire crystal growth technology and super large sapphire crystal growth technology" are gradually formed in the crystal ring electronics laboratory. Zhang Jun, the general manager of the company, said, "our core technology is the self-developed automatic production equipment, hot production design theory and micro process application, that is, from the selection, processing and production of raw materials, all are made in China. The birth of this man-made sapphire giant will gradually change the production order of the world's man-made spar industry, and we should therefore have an international voice!"

new technology will open up a new situation in the industry

in recent years, the LED industry has developed rapidly all over the world. Its products are widely used in lighting and blue laser fields, especially in liquid crystal display. The market has expanded rapidly. Almost 100% of notebook computers and more than 50% of liquid crystal TVs are using LED products. The growth of artificial sapphire crystal and the manufacturing of substrate are at the forefront of the LED industry chain, which is the link with the largest investment and the highest technical barriers in the industry. "At the same time, it is also the section with the highest added value. The premise is to have your own core technology!" Zhang Jun said

Zhang Jun said that due to China's long-term and large-scale dependence on imported production equipment and production technology, the initiative to dominate and affect international commodity prices has not been grasped by China, so domestic production enterprises have been suppressed. While the industry is booming, a lot of profits have been given overseas

as the leader of the enterprise R & D team, Ouyang penggen told Science and technology with deep feeling: "there is no other way for science and technology enterprises to achieve cost reduction and profit pursuit, and they can only rely on technology. The success of the trial production of giant man-made sapphire is not only reflected in size, but also in quality. Our new products can be applied to LED 4-inch crystal rods with an effective length of more than 4550 mm. This standard comes from such a large-size crystal, which is the best proof."

I learned that due to the increasingly high technical threshold, domestic sapphire production enterprises are also facing the shuffle process of survival of the fittest. Most of the previous hundreds of enterprises have now stopped production or switched production, which is an inevitable requirement of the market and the result of high-end technology

at present, crystal ring electronics is committed to the mass production of super large-size crystal stones. Ouyang penggen said, "for enterprises, our new technology can achieve a new production situation of increasing the feeding volume by 2.5 times, keeping other costs unchanged, and increasing the output by 5 times; for countries, the independent research and development and production of ultra large-size spar will give it the greatest and safest guarantee in both civil and military fields."

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