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SARFT vigorously promotes the policy logic behind tvos

on July 10, 2014, a historic change in the television industry is in full swing. Cable TV and terrestrial wireless TV, the main ways for 1.2 billion Chinese people to watch TV, are experiencing a strong impact from Internet TV. The biggest driving force of Internet TV comes from the intelligence of TV terminals. According to industry estimates, at present, the cumulative shipment of domestic smart TV set-top boxes and smart TV all-in-one machines has exceeded 80million, and the shipment volume will exceed 30million in 2014. The era of all intelligent TV terminals is coming in a few years

at the same time of the intellectualization of TV terminals, TV services are being interconnected. Watching video through Internet, mobile Internet channels, pad and other mobile intelligent terminals, smart TV set-top boxes, smart TV all-in-one machines is becoming the mainstream. For the traditional television broadcasting institutions, television stations, cable television networks dedicated to television transmission, this is an impending subversive disaster

what is more anxious than TV stations and cable TV networks is their industry competent department, which is also the party's ideological propaganda and implementation Department: the State Administration of publication, radio, film and television, TV stations and cable TV, as the most powerful public opinion propaganda positions, once they are captured and lost by the Internet, it will be an unbearable weight. At the beginning around 2005, Internet video was regarded as an insignificant gadget, and the competent authorities liberalized the market and capital. With the improvement of Internet bandwidth, the rapid popularization of intelligent terminals, and the continuous improvement of Internet video services, by the end of 2013, 430million TV viewers had been taken away by PC screens and 250million by mobile screens. In terms of PC Internet and mobile Internet, online video has been dominant. In a sense, the competent authorities have lost PC screens and mobile screens

with the popularity of smart set-top boxes and smart TVs, the target of this wave of interconnection is the user's TV screen. The competent authorities are really anxious this time. First, the license system of ensuring interchangeability of industry access has been implemented. All seven Internet TV licenses have been issued to radio and television institutions, and commercial video stations are strictly prohibited from entering the TV screen. Then implement the system of smart TV terminal serial number entry and people measuring rubber materials. Only smart TV terminals that cooperate with Internet TV licensees, are only implanted into licensees' clients, and have ID numbers are legal. This approach attempts to build a fence garden on the open Internet again, so that TV users can continue to be separated from the Internet

the rapid development of the market makes the policy like a sieve. 80% of the set-top boxes in the market are illegal boxes that do not have access to the licensees, and basically all the boxes and smart TVs that access the licensees can download online video clients. It seems that the Internet TV policy implemented for more than two years has basically failed completely, and commercial video stations are steadily moving from PC and mobile terminals to TV terminals

what's more troublesome is that under the fierce competition of Internet video, local cable TVs regard Ott Internet TV as a place to fight, but it is not suitable for heavy loads! Spiral screw is also known as trapezoidal screw, slightly transforming the direction, and vigorously promoting dvb+ott. This practice opens the door for commercial video stations to enter the TV screen directly from the cable TV network channel

after the failure of building a closed Internet TV channel on the Internet, the competent authorities raised the flag of closing smart TV terminals this time and strongly promoted the closed smart TV operating system tvos in cable TV! The Internet video client cannot be installed into the TV terminal. Can they hold the cable TV position this time

it seems that this is their wishful thinking. First of all, tvos is not a mandatory standard, but a department recommended standard. Consumer electronics manufacturers will not choose closed tvos, and in fact, it is impossible to become an enforceable mandatory standard. Tvos will be limited to the set-top boxes in cable TV operators. Secondly, at present, there are 224million cable TV users in China, of which 170million have completed the digital transformation, and the digitization is coming to an end. With the remaining 50million users, some local cable operators may adopt intelligent set-top boxes, and most of them will not adopt tvos terminals for development needs. As a result, tvos cannot be extended to CE consumer electronics manufacturers, which is the largest part of shipments. Tvos can only rely on administrative means to promote as a political task in some cable networks. The coverage is difficult to reach tens of millions, which will only affect some set-top box manufacturers cooperating with cable television. Therefore, the final fate of tvos may be the same as that of Green Dam software, which increased by about US $0.1-0.2 per piece that year, and it ended in nothing

of course, the competent authorities will not allow television and video, the most important public opinion propaganda position. At the same time, they are strictly controlling the content, and the supervision from the content source has been tightened, such as the removal of American dramas from the shelves, the strict self-made dramas, the strict introduction of overseas programs, and the prohibition of making programs. However, they will not take the initiative to give up the traditional TV positions. While the aircraft bombed the enemy's rear, they will also defend their positions with artillery fire. They should control the airspace of new video media before the traditional TV is occupied

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