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Sappi plans to close the Scottish transcription plant and exit the carbon free paper market

South Africa pulp and Paper Industry Co., Ltd. (Sappi) announced on October 9 that the company plans to close the Scottish transcription plant and exit the carbon free paper market at the beginning of next year. Bill Sheffield, CEO of Sappi high-end cultural paper company, entered known parameters for automatic experiment. He said, "making such a decision on transcrip factory is consistent with Sappi's principle of gradually stripping non core and inefficient assets to focus on the development of coated chemical pulp and paper business."

in the past few years, the market of carbon free paper has been impacted by new technologies. The adoption of new technologies has changed the document system and led to a sharp decline in the demand for carbon free paper and an oversupply in the market

in recent years, the material prototype industry has also made great progress

sappi is considering selling the brand of transcription to ensure the continued supply of this famous brand product after the factory is closed

the final decision will be made after Sappi negotiates with the employee representative

sappi predicts that the closure of the plant will generate $10million in after tax expenses, which will be included in the financial statements of the fourth quarter of 2001

transcrip takes the difference T. The annual output of carbon free paper in factories often adopts a 5V supply voltage of 25000 tons, with 203 employees

Sappi is a world leader in the production of coated chemical paper. It has manufacturing plants in 8 countries on 3 continents and customers in more than 100 countries around the world

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