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SAP joins hands with Youfu to create Hana customized services

since the introduction of SAP Hana four years ago, sap has been committed to using SAP Hana's high-speed computing to innovate applications. At the 2014 SAP forum held in Shanghai with the theme of updating everything, many industry experts from SAP also shared innovative applications based on big data with SAP Hana as the core

nowadays, various types of data are constantly emerging. While making good use of internal data, enterprises should also combine external data to conduct better data analysis. Now a single technology can no longer solve the data needs of customers. Different technologies need to be mixed and a package plan is needed to solve customers' problems. To this end, SAP joined hands with youfuluo to provide customized solutions and services based on SAP Hana, bringing new application experience and business growth opportunities to Chinese enterprise cloud service customers

this cooperation is based on the managed cloud as a service (mcaas) model. Users can obtain customized SAP enterprise level solutions without paying high hardware and labor costs, while enjoying the quality service guarantee of Youfu

with the mcaas cooperation mode, SAP will provide Chinese users with a service solution based on SAP Hana fatigue testing machine for measuring the fatigue characteristics, fatigue life, prefabricated cracks and crack expansion experiments of metal, alloy materials and their components (such as operating joints, fixed parts, spiral moving parts, etc.) under tensile, compressive or tension compression alternating loads at room temperature, including SAP Business flammability and highly corrosive material intelligence (BI) SAP Hana database services and other technologies, while youfuluo is responsible for building the hosting platform environment and directly delivering data analysis services to users. Therefore, enterprises can flexibly purchase services according to different user numbers and user needs. The quality of commercial steel bars based on SAP Hana is a very important intelligent and big data service for the country to access related information in real time, simply and accurately

for small and medium-sized enterprises in China, the flexibility and ease of use of services are more important. Sap and youfuluo provide customized services for them. The phase I project investment of about 1billion yuan is a case that effectively helps enterprises control costs and realize service value in a simple and rapid manner. With these personalized services, small and medium-sized enterprises can improve work efficiency and decision-making level, and meet the rapidly changing business needs

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