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Sap is optimistic about the "take all" construction machinery leading company in the Chinese market

sap is optimistic about the "take all" construction machinery leading company in the Chinese market

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Guide: the economic crisis is raging, forcing many enterprises to significantly reduce their IT budgets with the development of science and technology, which makes the German software giant SAP suffer a lot. SAP's software revenue in the first quarter of 2009 fell 33% year-on-year to 418million euros, and its net income fell 16% to 204million euros. At the beginning of this year, sap, which has been established for 37 years, announced layoffs for the first time

the rampant economic crisis forced many enterprises to significantly reduce their IT budgets, which made sap, the German software giant, suffer a lot. SAP's software revenue in the first quarter of 2009 fell 33% year-on-year to 418million euros, and its net income fell 16% to 204million euros. At the beginning of this year, s, which has been established for 37 years, must comprehensively consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality. AP announced layoffs for the first time, and 3000 of its more than 50000 employees worldwide will leave. At the same time, the travel budget and operating costs will be strictly controlled

for SAP, China has undoubtedly become a bright spot in the gray of the global market

"the performance of China is very eye-catching. In the current situation of severe recession in all regions and industries, the first quarter still maintained a steady growth of two figures, and the profit margin is still significantly improved." Mark Gibbs, President of SAP North Asia, commented

in Ji bingmeng's view, the Chinese government's 4trillion economic stimulus plan has worked, which not only stimulated new market demand and growth, but also created an environment with more liquidity, and also brought huge imagination to enterprise application software manufacturers. "In fact, not all enterprises have suspended IT investment. Some enterprises have adjusted themselves in the crisis to seek greater development after the economic recovery." He said. SAP's strategy is simple and clear, which is to target key industries that will benefit first

in July, XCMG's informatization project was officially launched, and sap was the next city in China's construction machinery industry, with a market share of more than 80%. Not only that, leading enterprises such as Sany, Zoomlion, Liugong, and Xiamen Engineering appeared on their customer list. The economic downturn has not prevented XCMG from investing in informatization. "The IT investment of 100million yuan is just a few devices for us. We hope to achieve the strategic goal of revenue of 100billion yuan as soon as possible with the help of informatization." Said liujiansen, Minister of information technology and Management Department of XCMG. XCMG's operating revenue reached 40.8 billion yuan last year

this year, construction machinery will be the industry that contributes the most revenue to SAP China, replacing the previous automotive, high-tech and other industries. In addition, it has recently won a large number of key customers in the energy industry and power industry, such as China National Petroleum Corporation and Guodian North China power. Engineering machinery, energy, utilities, retail and other fields will be SAP's "gold absorption" focus, and the "rich and powerful" leading enterprises in each market segment are their inevitable cash cows. Zhang Liesheng, President of SAP China, disagrees with the statement that the large enterprise market has been basically saturated. He believed that although large enterprises earlier adopted it systems at the cost of paying tariffs, many of them were local applications due to technical restrictions and other reasons, said Ramsey hermitz, CEO of Shiloh industries, a metal parts manufacturer in Ohio. For example, within XCMG group, heavy machinery company and XCMG technology company began to apply Oracle (Oracle) Johnson & Johnson graphene composite nylon, polyester and spandex 10 years ago, and the management software modules of companies such as industrialized production have been realized, but they are only limited to certain departments such as finance and production, and many "information islands" existing in the group need to be integrated. Liu Jiansen said that the goal of Forbes China Forbes 35 in September 2009, when XCMG implemented informatization, was to overturn the situation that its subsidiaries and departments "act independently" and realize the transformation from strategic holding to strategic operation

"snowball" brings experience accumulation, which is also a magic weapon for SAP to attract large enterprise customers. Over the past 37 years, sap has customers in more than 120 countries around the world, accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge and practical experience, and extracted 15000 key indicators (KPIs) from them to benchmark customers, so as to identify the position of the industry and the gap with peers. This is where it is difficult for local software companies such as UFIDA and Kingdee to surpass in the short term

for example, XCMG has been puzzled by how to formulate a reasonable production plan for spare parts. In the construction machinery industry, spare parts are consumables, and the profit is higher than the equipment itself. But usually, a construction machinery manufacturing company has more than 100000 equipment, and the models are different. If there are too few spare parts, they can't keep up with the demand. If there are too many spare parts, they will produce a lot of inventory costs. From the implementation experience of caterpillar and other international engineering giants, sap has calculated the relationship between inventory, maintenance time, spare parts production plan and inventory. This is also an important reason why XCMG group joined hands with SAP

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