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SAP releases development strategy: pay high attention to cloud computing, IOT, AI and user experience

according to a series of strategic communications and dialogues this month, facts have proved that SAP not only takes cloud computing seriously, but also clamps: metal platens: 100x100mm or Φ 150mm 1 set/2 pieces, and at the same time, it also began to bet on the future fate of its business, that is, it is committed to building the most modern, attractive and most powerful enterprise cloud platform

as various organizations have been experimenting with digital transformation initiatives over the past year, a considerable number of managers are also seeking the best practical solutions to ensure that specific adjustments can be completed quickly after everything is ready. It is also because of the trend of digital transformation that most enterprises begin to take cloud migration as one of their top priorities this year, which means that a considerable number of IT assets will quickly start to move

however, for large enterprises, turning to public cloud is a very delicate process that may cause a lot of problems, which means that relevant enterprises need to face key challenges such as culture, control, operation and core platform transformation

because of this, large enterprise solution providers represented by Microsoft, IBM and sap (they are still selling conservative old products, while salesforce has begun to release various cloud native solutions) have begun to actively invest in the construction of next-generation IT technologies, which are likely to help customers complete the transformation more smoothly and ultimately determine their next investment direction. More importantly, considering the important role of it workload in this process, suppliers must provide new technology alternatives in the design of their main cloud platform solutions, rather than continue to use traditional on premise software

here, the conclusion is very clear: cloud computing has become a key path to the future of enterprise technology

in terms of new technologies, the core focus of this year is on enterprise level IOT, artificial intelligence, next-generation analysis technology and better integrated business applications. There is no doubt that cloud environment is increasingly serving as the most ideal bearing platform in creating more cohesive and connected it systems

sap releases the platform development strategy, paying high attention to cloud computing, IOT, AI and user experience

however, as a solution supplier that has been responsible for supporting the business background of major giant enterprises in the world for decades and whose products are deeply embedded with commercial DNA, sap has unparalleled advantages in convergence vision, strategy and product portfolio. Similar to Oracle, SAP also experienced the embryonic stage of digital transformation a few years ago, and tried to deliver a set of more advanced and timely it development ideas while steadily ensuring the traditional enterprise business

this development idea undoubtedly has the characteristics of cloud supremacy, application centered, mobile friendliness, increasing openness and even democratization. At the same time, it will not give up any existing differentiation and core institutional advantages that SAP has, that is, considerable experience accumulation, deep material property industry knowledge reserves, and the powerful ability to help large enterprises around the world maintain accurate operation like clocks and watches for many years

sap's cloud vision: officially launched in 2017

at the beginning of this month, I had the honor to meet with Bill McDermott, CEO of sap, and many other company leaders in New York to discuss the company's current product development vision through the event of SAP capital market day. One of the core issues of the document is that "the combustion performance of civil building external insulation materials should be adopted" for the class a material stock exchange. It is also worth mentioning that the Mobile World Conference (MWC) is just a few days ago Sap has made clear its position through a series of news releases and product announcements: considering that Hana has become the most widely used in memory database technology in the company and is the basic element of its platform, so far its cloud portfolio is still named SAP Hana cloud platform

however, with the gradual maturity and clarity of SAP's cloud computing development goals, the company announced that the Hana part will be officially revoked this month. Today, its solution has been renamed SAP cloud platform, and will provide a far-reaching functional portfolio for every SAP customer

therefore, SAP's cloud platform has not only run Hana in the cloud environment. Matthias Steiner, a cloud platform technology evangelist of sap, explained this in a recent public article:

it is certain that the role of SAP cloud platform will be far from limited to providing SAP Hana, but will have more detailed and broader strategic significance. It is precisely because its strategic significance at the level of scheme integration and expansion is inconsistent with the old name that we officially renamed the project

matthias mentioned various extensibility scenarios, which in my opinion represent that SAP cloud platform can bring benefits in richness, depth and long-term. It includes not only the continuous provision of various SAP Business Applications in the cloud environment (such as concur, Ariba, hybrids, successfactors, jam, etc.), but also various strategic emerging technology achievements mentioned earlier, including IOT, AI/machine learning, and the growing and increasingly professional big data analysis solutions, all of which will be delivered in the form of platform as a service (PAAS)

sap cloud platform will be fully formed in 2017

in terms of specific products, February this year will become a highly active month for SAP cloud platform. During this capital market day, we learned that the company will launch clea, a key component of its machine learning program. According to the currently released news, this platform based machine learning solution, which was announced by SAP in teched last October, will officially appear as a product in February this year, which means that SAP's cloud platform will usher in its first official machine learning solution

recently, technology and other industries have paid great attention to artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. Sap has been working hard to ensure that clea is not only a gimmicky AI solution that looks beautiful, but can really solve practical business problems in a highly programmable way, including automatic payment, large-scale resume sorting to find suitable candidates and even provide predictive customer service. As Juergen Mueller, chief Innovation Officer of sap, said, SAP's expectation for machine learning is to focus on solving business problems that can have a profound impact on enterprise business

facts have proved that clea released this month is only the pioneer in a series of updates and function additions to sap cloud platform. At the MWC conference held in Barcelona a few days ago, SAP also released the following content to further strengthen its cloud functions:

SAP cloud platform IOT service. At present, this equipment management service, which is still in the beta test stage and can connect more than 40 kinds of equipment agreements, is responsible for assisting enterprise customers to quickly realize IOT development strategies and services. A core goal of this service is to combine IOT services with the platform's streaming analysis services, so as to jointly process a large amount of data generated by IOT devices

SAP API Business Hub。 This plan aims to build SAP cloud platform into a truly open platform and ecosystem, allowing customers and third parties to build their own solutions on this basis. It provides a set of centralized development interface (API) directories for SAP cloud services. In my opinion, this highly strategic capability will make SAP cloud platform the real foundation for enterprise and supplier development and/or digital transformation. In this category, SAP cloud will achieve a better level of openness, attractiveness and customer practicality in the market competition

sap Cloud Platform SDK for IOS. For cloud platforms, user experience is one of the key factors that determine their success or failure. Therefore, we are pleased to see that SAP pays close attention to the digital use experience at the mobile device level. This SDK will provide various organizations with enterprise application building tools based on SAP cloud platform and for iPhone and iPad. The SDK is based on the swift programming language recently released by apple, which means that users can more easily develop mobile applications based on IOS system

SAP Cloud Platform Workflow。 This SAP cloud platform service, which will be launched next month, aims to help business analysts quickly establish new composite workflows based on business processes, so as to support enterprise business process automation capabilities

sap cloud platform virtual machine service. As a service that has been launched in most other markets, this service will officially launch in the North American market this quarter. I call it the escape pod of SAP cloud platform because it can help customers migrate existing workloads according to current internal software, language or runtime conditions, so as to ensure that they can run directly on SAP cloud platform. In the teched speech, SAP announced that it would introduce its own language development (byol) capability into Hana, which means that the entire public cloud migration process for enterprise customers will become easier, faster and cheaper

sap cloud platform big data services. Need to run Hadoop in a cloud environment? SAP cloud platform can now meet your needs, and can realize the operation of big data applications without undertaking the large-scale early investment brought by traditional Hadoop farms. This means that customers will be able to successfully avoid the last significant growth area of internal IT hardware investment

user experience: a key factor in the enterprise cloud that has not been paid attention to

looking at SAP's cloud solution, its most interesting feature may be that it does not directly provide more than 50 public cloud service options like Amazon, but prefers to deliver the cloud platform as an overall use experience to customers and users. Considering that the current development of cloud computing still does not pay due attention to user experience, I think this feature is very important for the delivery of modern enterprise cloud and the realization of end-to-end value

in addition, I also noticed that SAP has set a clear strategy for user experience on its own platform, which covers all usage methods from conference room to internal network to individual applications. At the same time, it uses various ways from touch to voice to ensure that users can quickly expand their daily work to sap cloud services through excellent experience

the user experience function options provided by SAP cloud platform are powerful and cutting-edge: SAP pilot can provide cloud services with a voice operation interface similar to Siri, and SAP f can be decomposed and digested by many microorganisms in nature. Iori is a set of contemporary user interface design templates and tools matching the platform. In addition, the combination of SAP cloud platform build and SAP cloud platform portal allows Cloud Applications to be built quickly and provides a continuous and smooth enterprise digital experience. In addition, SAP's digital boardroom products also have excellent user experience, and can even provide virtual reality options when users are not in the actual conference room environment

sap company hopes to occupy a leading position in the enterprise cloud field

although SAP

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