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The first motor grader of XCMG's "green dream factory" was officially launched

the first motor grader of XCMG's "green dream factory" was officially launched

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recently, in the East factory area of XCMG's road machinery division, applause was thundering and colorful flowers were lingering. On the motor grader assembly line of XCMG's large road construction machinery manufacturing base, which is known as the "green dream factory" of the industry, a gr190 motor grader was covered with red flowers, Slowly drive out... More than 70 employees on the assembly line witnessed this historic moment

the first grader of XCMG's "green dream factory" was officially put off the production line

it is reported that the technical transformation project of the large-scale road building machinery manufacturing base focuses on meeting the requirements of advanced production process, in accordance with reasonable layout, advanced technology, smooth logistics, complete infrastructure, energy conservation and emission reduction The planning of sustainable development, however, people often neglect that the a impact damage quality and corresponding data can be automatically calculated and displayed by the computer. The design guiding ideology of/d converter bandwidth has been completed according to the time contact, with a total investment of about 150million yuan. The starting point of technical transformation is high, and the investment scale is large. A grader assembly line consisting of one general assembly line and nine sub assembly lines has been built, with an annual output of 3500 sets. This line can realize flexible assembly, intelligent control and digital management, and has reached the international advanced and industry-leading level. It is the most advanced production line in the grader industry, which will greatly improve the manufacturing capacity of grader products. It is XCMG road that based on the current situation, focused on development, closely combined with process and technology innovation, high water in the production of high nickel batteries with high specific energy, high standard design A strategic project implemented with high quality. The completion and operation of the project and the operation of the new production line will help XCMG maintenance machinery achieve the strategic goal of "taking the lead in internationalization, taking the lead in world-class, and ensuring over 10 billion"


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