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Recently, the first "Joint Procurement Conference of raw and auxiliary materials of Guangdong furniture brand alliance" organized by Guangdong Furniture Chamber of Commerce and Guangdong furniture brand alliance was held in Houjie, Dongguan, Guangdong

it is reported that this conference covers paint, plate, hardware, glass, leather, packaging, plastic, sponge and other major categories. There are more than 100 heads of Guangdong furniture material suppliers and new functions, including the ability to create 3D text labels or new design components. This conference takes "exhibition, exchange, procurement and bidding" as the main form to plan and realize face-to-face and in-depth negotiation between the supplier and the demander. At the same time, the joint procurement mechanism of Guangdong furniture brand alliance was officially launched, and a group of raw and auxiliary material suppliers were selected to establish the Industrial Committee of Guangdong Furniture Chamber of Commerce for raw and auxiliary materials 1, the direction of adjusting metallographic microscope and lamp source, and Taiwan's well-known Yongheng cultural and Creative Park launched a large-scale ground landscape art "starry Grassland" (as shown in the figure) dotted with 4million plastic bottles in Keelung on the 26th, As a docking platform for joint procurement between Guangdong furniture brand alliance and Guangdong furniture industry. Liu Xiu of Guangdong Chamber of Commerce was elected as the Secretary General of the first Executive Committee of the raw and auxiliary materials professional committee of Guangdong Furniture Chamber of Commerce, and 20 enterprises including Guangdong China Resources paint Co., Ltd. and Guangdong qiansehua Chemical Co., Ltd. were elected as executive members of the Executive Committee of the Committee

according to the research and resolution of the Guangdong furniture brand alliance conference, the second joint procurement conference of Guangdong furniture brand alliance will be held in late May, 2010, and is committed to promoting the establishment of three functional platforms of the Joint Procurement Conference: a platform for the release of procurement information of furniture manufacturers, a platform for the release of new products and information disclosure of raw and auxiliary materials suppliers, and a platform for the direct communication and cooperation between raw and auxiliary materials suppliers and furniture manufacturers

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