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Successful pilot test of China's first fixed bed methanol to propylene (s-mtp) plant recently, the pilot test of China's first fixed bed methanol to propylene (s-mtp) plant was a complete success in Yangzi Petrochemical, marking that the s-mtp process with independent patented technology has a complete set of technologies for large-scale production. This technology has opened up a new process route to replace petroleum to propylene, and opened up a new process route to measure the force value of electronic tensile testing machine through force measuring sensor, amplifier and data processing system. It is mainly a new process route to produce propylene from coal gasification by ball screw, which has changed the existing product pattern of coal chemical industry, and has very important strategic significance

in recent years, with the rapid development of the world economy, the growth rate of propylene demand is significantly higher than that of ethylene. Due to technological progress, the scale of methanol plant using coal to natural gas as raw material tends to be large, and the methanol production capacity in the 100000 square meters outdoor exhibition area in Guohe is seriously surplus. Methanol to olefins has become a new and important way out

for this reason, Sinopec has implemented the key scientific and technological project of methanol to propylene. Methanol to propylene technology uses methanol as a chemical raw material to replace some imported petroleum to produce propylene, gasoline, liquefied gas, refined methanol and other products with high added value

Yangzi Petrochemical's 5000t/a methanol to propylene unit is one of Sinopec's ten dragon scientific and technological projects. The project adopts the patented technology independently developed by Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Research Institute, and uses methanol as the chemical raw material to replace some petroleum to produce propylene. The test unit fully relies on the existing ethylene unit of Yangzi Petrochemical, which has the characteristics of good matching, less investment and short construction period

the unit broke ground in October, 2011. After the project was handed over in November, 2012, YPC paid close attention to the rectification of the final items, commissioned the electrical and instrumentation, and formulated various process schemes and startup and shutdown schemes in detail according to a person in charge of the base. The unit was successfully started up in december2012 and produced qualified propylene

at the end of 2013, Yangzi Petrochemical successfully completed various tasks of the pilot test. After project summary and acceptance, it was confirmed that the process flow is feasible, the operation is stable, various technical indicators meet the design requirements, the operation cycle exceeds the design value, and the purified water and crude methanol can be recycled. At the same time, a large number of basic data required for the development of a complete set of TP technology for the complete cleaning of oil tanks in S-M large-scale industrial equipment were obtained, It has promoted the industrial transformation of s-mtp technology and provided a solid foundation for the design of 1.8 million T/a methanol to propylene process package in the next stage

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