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With the layout of national exclusive stores of baidibao health board in full swing, a new store was officially opened in Rongxian County, Sichuan Province recently

home decoration one-stop shopping mall baidebao board Rongxian flagship store is grandly opened

with the vigorous deployment of the nationwide exclusive store layout of baidibao health plate, a new store was officially opened in Rongxian County, Sichuan Province recently

the eye-catching green signboard of baidibao health board at the door attracted many passing customers. The rich and diverse products in the store and the full sense of environmental protection home also made the customers who entered the store interesting

Rong County store is the flagship store of baidibao health plate one-stop shopping experience

carrying diversified and perfect retail service functions, it brings consumers a diversified and humanized service experience. The decoration of Rongxian flagship store is simple and bright, and the scene design is lively and bright, with more than 100 kinds of goods on display. The consumption process is painless and efficient, and customers can easily buy a variety of spot products in the store

president Xu of the flagship store of baidibao health board in Rong County said: "In order to provide customers with richer shopping choices, Baidi Baorong flagship store reduces costs through collaborative optimization of the supply chain and provides consumers with more cost-effective services; at the same time, relying on the strong offline passenger flow of Baidi Baoban brand and online big data, it can more accurately control consumers' preferences, facilitate the second iteration of goods, and further improve customers' shopping experience."

the new layout and new model of the national franchise store of baidibao health plate brand not only brings consumers more diversified consumption choices, but also takes the lead in the retail industry, bringing more development possibilities to meet the new retail format

judging from the high heat reaction of customers when the Rongxian franchise store opened, baidibao health plate is undoubtedly an excellent place for consumers to shop for home decoration products


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