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The house with a quotation of 30000 yuan spent 40000 to 50000 yuan in the end. The quality of decoration materials bought at a high price is not as good as ordinary materials. You must contract labor and materials to find a decoration company &hellip& hellip; In the process of decoration, many citizens are suffering in all aspects. So, what is there in the home decoration market that citizens don't understand? A few days ago, the reporter interviewed some insiders and gave relevant suggestions here to remind consumers to be careful when decorating, so as not to fall into the trap laid by some decoration companies

◆ false publicity needs to be on guard against excessive extra charges

many consumers who intend to invite home decoration companies to decorate their houses have found that the decoration prices of some home decoration companies are very cheap, and some are even cheaper than expected. For example, when decorating a new house, according to the standard of 100 square meters, general home decoration companies will offer a quotation of 40000-50000 yuan to 80000-90000 yuan with materials, but they also provide a design scheme and a list of decoration materials. However, the decoration quotation of some home decoration companies can be as low as 30000 yuan or even lower. For consumers, it seems that tens of thousands of yuan can be saved easily by changing to a small or unknown company. In contrast, the cost of decoration materials may be lower than that of other companies. Consumers who do not know the truth often try to sign decoration contracts with them cheaply, and there will be a lot of extra costs in the decoration process

just two days after Ms. Li, a citizen, began to decorate, Ms. Li was informed by the decoration company that the decoration cost in the contract did not include gluing at the doorway and window, brackets behind the ceiling, waterproof treatment after toilet tiles, etc., and the decoration quality would be affected. As a result, Ms. Li had to pay additional decoration fees to the home decoration company. Instead of saving money, Ms. Li spent more than 3000 yuan. In the interview, the reporter found that Ms. Li was not the only consumer who encountered this hidden consumption trap. Many home decoration companies offered low decoration prices for consumers on the surface, but found them in places that were not noticed, such as auxiliary materials and details

◆ the package is not easy to use if it is good-looking.

203 yuan/square meter, 299 yuan/square meter, 310 yuan/square meter &hellip& hellip; As people's daily room decoration, this price looks really attractive. Because from an intuitive point of view, even if a 100 square meter house is renovated, it will cost only 20000 or 30000 yuan, not to mention that the merchants claim to use environmentally friendly brand-name products. However, where would consumers expect that this seemingly transparent, affordable and worry free decoration package is not so simple to use

in the interview, several consumers who had consumption experience felt quite a bit about it. Ms. Wang, a citizen, told the author: I chose a set meal of 288 yuan, which is 28800 yuan for 100 square meters. I thought that even if I made a little margin, 30000 yuan would be enough. However, after the construction, I found that many projects such as water circuit transformation, installation of doors and windows and lamps, garbage removal and transportation, etc. have to be charged separately, and some projects can't be added. In this way, I finally spent about 50000 yuan to achieve the basic decoration effect. Other consumers also said that this pricing package was originally chosen to be economical and worry-free, but the result is often counterproductive




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