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On July 7, the new product launch of Lauca 2016 will be grandly held in Crowne Plaza Huadu. At that time, the series of new products launched by lawka will bring guests a luxury visual event at the level of industry artists

on July 7, the new product launch of lacca 2016 will be grandly held in Crowne Plaza Huadu. At that time, the series of new products launched by Lloyd's card will be displayed in the Lloyd's card product experience center, bringing guests a luxury visual event at the level of industry artists. Before that, let's first review the new products of Lauca over the years and appreciate the handed down charm of "immortal classics"

in the review, we can see that in previous years, most of the new products of Laoka were developed in the form of plate colors and supporting furniture. For example, in 2012, lawka launched new plate decors such as Parana and manmolly; Pale yellow Parana tends to natural log style, creating a casual and comfortable space. Light color mamoli is more suitable for creating a fresh and fashionable space. The board has a unique hand grip pattern, which seems simple but not simple

in 2013, lawka launched two board designs with strong personality, such as Athena and sarinin blue; Designed by Italian design masters, light black Athena with a unique hand grip pattern gives people a deep and elegant sense of mystery. The whole space exudes a refined and noble atmosphere. With slender Italian lines in the design, the classical three-dimensional feeling is completely displayed; And sarinin blue brings a fresh Mediterranean wind. The color is mainly blue, representing the blue sea, and then slightly dotted with brown, which makes people feel as if they are in the Mediterranean, giving people infinite reverie; Matching with the white imported acrylic crystal panel, the personalized edge of the panel is much softer

2014, different from the innovation of cabinet board in the previous two years, Laoka introduced three kinds of door board designs and colors of enkado grey, Apollo red and Helena blue, as well as the style of Berlin style space matching, which greatly enriched the style of door board and gave a reference for the smart matching of door board. At this time, Laoka's new products have slowly transitioned from board to the overall style of space, providing designers with more creative inspiration

in 2015, lacca released a number of new products of youth housing; Excellent color matching, showing a great overall visual effect, showing a colorful children's room world. At this time, the new lacca products not only meet the needs of adults' home furnishings, but also take into account the youth group, and the product covers a more comprehensive population

in fact, the annual release of new products is an important process for labor card to continuously improve its products. From plate, to space, and then to people, labor card gradually has a clear positioning and market development direction in the process of product development

now, there are still a few days to go before the new product launch on July 7. What surprises will lacca bring us this time? What breakthroughs will be made in the development process? On the day of the grand meeting, let's bring full expectations and witness the growth and leap forward of Laoka together





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