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According to the prediction of senior insiders, the whole house customized home furnishing industry will face three major changes in 2018: the "Matthew effect" will become more and more intense, "enclosure movement" will not stop, and the "packaging revolution" is in the ascendant. So, in the face of these changes, what major countermeasures do enterprises need to formulate? Meet the three changes of whole house customization! The whole house custom furniture joined Deville

one of the big countermeasures: speed, be fast

there is a saying in the industry that "in the next three to five years, the whole house customized home furnishing enterprises will either become diamonds, gold and silver, or become scrap metal". That is the problem of speed. After a decade or two of precipitation, the whole house customized home furnishing industry has grown explosively in the past oneortwo years, and it has become purple and dizzy. From the law of industry development, last year and this year should be the wind of industry development and the peak of industry development curve, In the transition period from blue ocean to red ocean, speed determines the future of the enterprise

those who should take advantage of the capital market should be listed as soon as possible, because capital is also following the trend. After the wind passes, they will also transfer. Now many capital are chasing full house customization, because full house customization is still on the edge of the tuyere. In the next wave, they may not be chasing full house customization, but assembly

those who should expand their production capacity should also expand as soon as possible, because there have been too many expansion in the past two years. Once the expanded production capacity of the whole industry is released to the market in the past two years, it will inevitably have an impact on the current supply and demand situation. If the supply exceeds the demand, it will inevitably have an impact on the price, forming a fatal impact on the "high gross profit" envied by other industries in this industry

those who should attract investment should attract investment as soon as possible, because everyone is competing for channel resources, and there is no one who does not grab big business resources, because from the overall macroeconomic situation, the operating costs of dealers will only increase or not decrease, and the costs of land, leasing, personnel, logistics and so on will be higher and higher

those who should promote new products should also be promoted as soon as possible, because the time to make a lot of money by selling a few home products every day and every year has passed, because the time to be popular after taking the test of old products has passed, because dealers and consumers face too many new choices for new things, because when you eat several old products of the so-called classic products, your competitors may launch new products every year that are the sum of your new products in recent years

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