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In the eyes of many consumers, there are certain traps in the consumption behavior represented by decoration. Although there are clear controls, it is still impossible to prevent. For example, after decoration, it is found that the decoration company uses low-quality building materials, and some of them are found that the water proofing is not in place during later use, which leads to water leakage and other quality problems, and finally the dispute between the two sides even leads to the suspension of the project. Moreover, some construction teams or small decoration companies maliciously deceive consumers and reappear after changing their faces, hurting more consumers. Now let's have a look with the Xiaobian of Wuhan home decoration network

inexplicable "decoration tax" is too chaotic

some consumers also encountered such a situation. Ms. Chang and her family suffered inexplicable "decoration tax" when decorating their new house. According to the price list sent by Ms. Chang, the word "tax" is printed in the inconspicuous column of the long price list, and 2300 yuan is written in the price column. However, it is learned from other channels that the price system of such taxes in the market is quite chaotic at present, and consumers do not know how these taxes are calculated. Under the same decoration conditions, the taxes collected by different companies range from more than 1000 yuan to more than 4000 yuan

there are many fake goods in the home market

due to the low entry threshold of the home industry, the quality of enterprise brands and employees are uneven, which leads to chaos in the home market, such as fake goods, shoddy work and shoddy goods. In order to make huge profits, some enterprises have gained a favorable position in the price competition, deliberately saving costs, cutting corners, and not producing according to standards. The lower the price of these products, the less guaranteed the quality

imperfect industry norms and standards

in addition, imperfect industry norms and standards leave opportunities for illegal enterprises, which is also one of the reasons for the chaos of product quality. Due to the weak supervision of law enforcement departments, coupled with imperfect laws and regulations, it is difficult for enterprises to produce and sell unqualified products, even if they are "caught", to end up with "self eating consequences". What's more, the road of consumer rights protection is time-consuming and labor-consuming, and many consumers have a weak awareness of rights protection. Even if they buy unqualified products, as long as the problem is not too big, they basically choose to turn a blind eye, save trouble, and simply get things done

throughout the industry, most of the exposed quality problems are minor manufacturers that put economic interests first and are not strict in materials, workmanship and other requirements. Even if they are complained, they will not pay much attention to them. The illegal cost of well-known brands is relatively high. In order to maintain the brand reputation, they will pay more attention from material selection to workmanship and strictly control the product quality

therefore, when shopping for home building materials, consumers had better choose hypermarkets and big brands with good reputation and guaranteed quality; Before purchasing products, it is also necessary to sign a purchase contract and clarify the detailed rules, so as to nip in the bud. If you buy substandard and inferior products, you must take up the weapon of law to defend your legitimate rights and dignity and prevent fake and inferior products from continuing to run rampant in the market





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