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In modern home decoration, cabinet is one of the indispensable furniture in kitchen decoration, not only because of its good decoration, but also because it can greatly improve the storage performance of the space. But what material is good for the countertop of the cabinet? Today, I will recommend five kinds of cabinet countertops made of different materials. Let's follow Xiaobian to have a look

what is the good material of the cabinet countertop? Raw wood floor

1. Advantages: the appearance of the kitchen countertop made of logs will be more natural and simple, and it is well matched with the decoration style of the room. In addition, the installation of this material is also very simple, and it can cut the shape you want according to your preferences

2. Disadvantages: in the process of handling food at ordinary times, it is easy to leave those residues in the cracks of wood, which is not easy to clean in the future. In addition, it is close to the periphery of the sink, which is prone to qualitative mildew for a long time, so it should be cleaned in time to ensure the healthy diet of the family

what is a good artificial stone table top made of?

1. Advantages: this kind of cabinet table top is mostly in the market. It is favored by the majority of consumers for its wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, impact resistant, compression resistant, anti permeability and many other characteristics. Of course, its functions are also very strong, and its designs and colors are also rich. Ordinary stains can be wiped with a wet cloth or detergent

2. Disadvantages: artificial stone is a plate processed by high temperature and high pressure, so it has uniform texture and no pores. However, the naturalness of the material will be insufficient, and the price will be more expensive

what is a good material for the cabinet countertop? Quartz stone countertop

1. Advantages: quartz stone is a relatively new type of stone. The cabinet made with it is not only resistant to high temperature and stains, but also not easy to leave scratches. In terms of color, it also has a greater choice than traditional stone, which is affordable and durable

2. Disadvantages: compared with other stones, the price of the cabinet with quartz table top is still higher. In addition, its hardness is too strong, so it is not easy to process, and the shape will be too monotonous

what kind of stainless steel countertop is made of? stainless steel countertop. The cold appearance is perfect for creating a modern kitchen style

1. Advantages: the cabinet with stainless steel countertop is suitable for creating a modern kitchen. The texture of this material is solid, not easy to be affected by high temperature, and it is very convenient to clean after getting stains

2. Disadvantages: Although this table is easy to clean, it is recommended not to use detergent, which will cause certain damage to the material itself

Xiaobian conclusion: the above is an introduction to what kind of material is good for the countertop of the cabinet. But as for which kind of material to choose, it depends on everyone's choice. However, this is closely related to food after all, so it is best to choose materials that are more environmentally friendly and easy to clean




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