The first graphene mass production base in mainlan

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The first mass production base of graphene in mainland China was put into operation in Xiamen

6, the graphene industry ushered in a symbolic moment: the first mass production base of graphene in mainland China was put into operation in Xiamen, and its capacity is expected to reach 5000 tons by 2020

on September 6, Hengli Shengtai (Xiamen) graphene Technology Co., Ltd. announced that its graphene mass production base was officially put into operation in Xiamen, which is the first graphene mass production base in the mainland, marking that the graphene industry may enter a new era

ZHAOMENG, Deputy Secretary General of China International graphene resources industry alliance, said at the press conference that graphene has broad application prospects in many fields because of its unique electric heating and other characteristics. In the future, it will lead to an emerging industrial chain worth trillions of dollars to close the oil control valve. "As the pioneer of industrialized mass production of single-layer graphene, Hengli Shengtai's investment in Xiamen mass production base will solve the bottleneck of commercial application of graphene and promote the industrialization of graphene application."

according to the introduction, Hengli Shengtai company, which was actually controlled by zhangbozeng, a well-known graphene scientist in the industry, was established in Xiamen in April 2016. Subsequently, whether zhangbo relaxation experimental machine has an intelligent control system, Zhang bozeng successively granted 25 patents including the original graphene patent technology in 2002 to Xiamen Hengli Shengtai, and cooperated with many enterprises, Accelerate the establishment of graphene application product production and technology promotion industrialization base in China

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