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Lift the equipment manufacturing industry in many places to polish "China equipment"

lift the equipment manufacturing industry in many places to polish "China equipment"

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the equipment manufacturing industry is to start electromechanical for the national economy and press the "start" key (the red signal light is on. The manufacturing industry that provides production technology and equipment for national defense construction is the core component of the manufacturing industry and the foundation of national economic development, especially industrial development. It can be said that the equipment manufacturing industry is an important indicator to measure a country's comprehensive national strength. With the help of high-level voice and favorable policies, China has set off a wave of equipment manufacturing fever in many places, making concerted efforts to polish Chinese equipment and become a Chinese brand!

Sichuan equipment manufacturing industry top 4 According to the Sichuan Provincial Commission of economy and information technology, the export of equipment manufacturing industry above Designated Size in Sichuan Province increased negatively last year. In the first April of this year, the export delivery value was 7.39 billion yuan, an increase of 43.6% year-on-year; The total industrial output value was 255.6 billion yuan, an increase of 15.6% year-on-year

Saudi Arabia rabig project, China's largest export project of fuel oil units undertaken by Dongfang Electric, has been put into commercial operation; The first gas turbine of Pakistan's nandipu combined cycle power plant, which was also constructed by it, also realized and generated electricity. The relevant person in charge of Dongfang Electric said that the next step will focus on tracking the transformation of hydro thermal power units in India, Pakistan, Iran and Eastern Europe, and strive for new breakthroughs in power station service business

equipment products are seriously polarized. In the first April, the output of railway locomotives, power generation equipment, motors, industrial boilers, and air pollution control equipment increased rapidly year-on-year. The output of railway freight cars and metal cutting machine tools increased slightly, while the output of electric welding machines, transformers, engines and other products increased negatively year-on-year

the relevant person in charge of the Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Technology Commission said that due to factors such as slowing economic growth at home and abroad and declining demand, the market competition in the equipment manufacturing industry is still fierce. The above data showed that on the one hand, enterprises need to expand overseas markets, and more importantly, strengthen technology research and development and cultivate core competitiveness

Tianjin builds an advanced offshore engineering equipment manufacturing base with its advantages

recently, under the background of accelerating the construction of the National Marine Economic and scientific development demonstration zone and implementing the strategy of strengthening the city by sea, Tianjin will speed up the construction of coastal carriers such as Nangang, Lingang and Tianjin port, and focus on the development of 5000 ton offshore oil drilling platforms, large offshore steel structures and large offshore engineering modules, as well as drilling ships, geophysical exploration ships The manufacturing of hoisting and pipe laying vessels and other equipment has formed a number of marine industrial clusters with strong innovation ability, great development potential and high economic benefits. By 2020, the output value of Tianjin Offshore engineering equipment manufacturing industry is expected to reach 100billion yuan. This good news may drive the growth of market demand for high-strength corrosion-resistant fasteners

in recent years, aiming at the goal of domestic advanced offshore engineering equipment manufacturing base, Tianjin has focused on the development of offshore oil and gas equipment, offshore oil and gas storage and unloading equipment, reclamation and channel dredging engineering equipment, cross sea bridge and subsea tunnel engineering equipment, port machinery, marine environmental protection equipment, seawater utilization engineering equipment, marine mineral resources exploration and development engineering equipment, marine instruments and equipment Ten major offshore engineering equipment, such as key offshore supporting equipment and systems, may drive the growth of market demand for high-strength corrosion-resistant fasteners

with the rapid development of offshore equipment manufacturing, Tianjin offshore drilling platforms have gradually formed comparative advantages, and have the ability to build modules and platforms within 300 meters of water depth; It has formed a ship building and repairing capacity of 2million tons, and developed offshore engineering equipment such as geophysical exploration ships, engineering survey ships, and 150000 tons of FPSO (floating production, storage, and offloading tankers); Breakthroughs have been made in marine equipment technology such as high-pressure and corrosion-resistant oil casing and submarine flexible composite deep water hose technology, and the products have been applied to offshore drilling and submarine oil transportation. In addition, Tianjin's daily desalination capacity has reached 300000 tons, accounting for 36% of the country. It is planning to build a desalination plant with a daily output of 260000 tons of water in Nangang, which will form an annual desalination capacity of 200 million tons after completion

the development of Hebei equipment manufacturing industry is full of stamina

since this year, the equipment manufacturing industry in Hebei Province has played a prominent role as an engine in the province's industry and has become the main force driving Hebei's industrial growth

From January to April, the total industrial output value of the provincial equipment manufacturing industry was 258.535 billion yuan, an increase of 9.1% year-on-year, 9 percentage points higher than that of the provincial industry. The main business income was 250.448 billion yuan, an increase of 8.55% year-on-year, 9.21 percentage points higher than the provincial industry. The industrial added value of equipment manufacturing enterprises above Designated Size in the province was 64.222 billion yuan, with a year-on-year increase of 10.23%, higher than that of the provincial industry 6. Yingzhi Ueda, vice president and chairman of the Japan Chemical Fiber Association, said 83 percentage points, and the contribution rate of equipment manufacturing industry to the industry of the whole province reached 51.4%. The equipment manufacturing industry achieved a profit of 15.265 billion yuan, accounting for 26.12% of the total profits of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in the province, more than 1/4

since the beginning of this year, due to the weak market demand, coupled with the strong promotion of air pollution prevention and control, reduction of excess capacity and industrial structure adjustment, industrial operation has fluctuated violently, and the pace of production has slowed down significantly. "In this case, the equipment manufacturing industry continues to maintain stable growth, and its supporting role for the industry of the province is further enhanced." Said Wang Chang, director of the Provincial Department of industry and information technology

according to Yan Ruixiang, Secretary General of the Provincial Machinery Industry Association, among the 18 sub industries of the equipment manufacturing industry, the total industrial output value of 16 sub industries maintained growth. As the main driving force, the profits of the automobile manufacturing industry maintained steady growth, and the profits of the electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry increased by 101.47%

with the continuous increase of structural adjustment in Hebei Province, the future development of equipment manufacturing industry will have more momentum. Among the 100 provincial key projects this year, equipment manufacturing projects account for 36, more than 1/3, which is the largest among all industrial projects. What is more worthy of expectation is that by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the equipment manufacturing industry is expected to surpass the steel industry in value-added and become the largest pillar industry in the province

three equipment manufacturing industry clusters have been built in Yuxi, Yunnan Province

in recent years, the equipment manufacturing industry in Yuxi has made great progress, and has now formed Yiyan and CNC Machine Tool Industrial Park, Eshan casting industry core area, and tonggraphene. Another unique place is "zero penetration" - all gases and liquids cannot penetrate the three concentrated clusters of Haiwu electromechanical characteristic park. Since the 12th Five Year Plan, Yuxi equipment manufacturing industry has completed a total industrial investment of 3.65 billion yuan, vigorously introduced private capital, improved the independent innovation ability of enterprises, and formed a strong development momentum: the foundry industry represented by Eshan Hengchang Dongxing Foundry Co., Ltd. has formed a production capacity of more than 700000 tons, The technological innovation and product R & D advantages of the power equipment manufacturing industry represented by Yunnan Tongbian Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. are at the forefront of the province. The machinery manufacturing industry represented by Tonghai Hongwei Agricultural Machinery Trading Co., Ltd. is rising rapidly in all counties and districts. The hardware and metal products industry represented by Yuxi Yubei metal products Co., Ltd. has become the largest hardware processing base in the province, A new energy equipment manufacturing cluster represented by Yunnan Lantian Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. will be formed, with the CNC machine tool industry in Yanhe Industrial Park as the leader, and the radiation driving effect will be rapidly transmitted to the industry

with the rapid development, Yuxi equipment manufacturing industry is still facing the problems of production concentration, low product grade, lack of talents and large project support. To this end, Yuxi adjusted its development ideas, established six development priorities for the foundry industry, CNC machine tools, power equipment, automobile manufacturing, general aviation, new energy and energy-saving and environmental protection equipment, and built six industrial clusters. In 2014, Yuxi equipment manufacturing industry will achieve the development goal of 6.7 billion yuan of total industrial output value and 1.5 billion yuan of industrial added value, and strive to cultivate the equipment manufacturing industry into a pillar industry of Yuxi through five to eight years of efforts.

although China's industry is large and weak, the ability of independent innovation is weak, the level of basic manufacturing is backward, repeated construction and overcapacity are still prominent, I believe that with the guidance of the state and the help of policies With the efforts of local governments and enterprises, China's equipment manufacturing industry will have a more charming tomorrow in the future

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