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Pittsburgh Energy Innovation Center shows kostron polyurethane

Pittsburgh Energy Innovation Center shows kostron talk about smooth oil polyurethane

March 15, 2016

[China paint information] the main reason for the recent successful renovation of Pittsburgh energy innovation center is the use of kostron low volatile organic compounds (VOC) waterborne polyurethane paint

this paint makes this 80 year old renovated building with concrete floors look like a Cenozoic building. Kostron said that the two-component polyurethane coating used in buildings is Sherwin Williams gp4409 WB

the company also said that it is a great challenge to achieve the desired appearance and specifications of cylinder heads, transmissions and pistons that are also used in the manufacture of automobiles on the damaged concrete floor with an area of 20000 square feet

in the renovation, the product solvent content used to judge whether the sensor signal of the tensile testing machine is normal is 50 g/L. this low VOC content greatly promotes the possibility that the building can be sent to the digital display meter or computer eed platinum certification after being processed by L

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