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Wuhan inspection of fake and shoddy paint manufacturing dens

Wuhan inspection and counterfeiting company issued a non public issuance plan. Fake and shoddy paint manufacturing dens

November 19, 2004

recently, someone reported that someone secretly produced 801 glue and latex paint for decoration in a private house at No. 186, Tieji village, Heping Township, Hongshan District, Wuhan, and sold them as famous brands. On November 18, the law enforcement officers of Heping industrial and commercial office went to investigate and deal with the characteristics of "less peripheral circuits"

in the backyard of the house, there are finished and semi-finished products of latex paint and 801 glue, as well as piles of plastic barrels with well-known brand logos such as "lion mountain", "China Resources" and "Nippon", most of which are full

according to the investigation of law enforcement officers, the counterfeiters were Zheng and his wife, who came to Han from Yingcheng. They rented here and made counterfeits for a year. According to the two, their products are mostly sold to private owners who contract decoration projects, and some people provide plastic buckets of various brands

it is reported that 801 glue is mainly used to prepare paint putty or add it to cement mortar or concrete to enhance the adhesive strength of cement mortar or concrete. Its scientific name is "polyvinyl formal". If it is not made according to relevant standards, it is very easy to cause formaldehyde to exceed the standard

law enforcement officers destroyed the counterfeiting facilities and confiscated relevant items

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