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PK "foreign goods", who can carry the banner of "new domestic products" of lubricants

PK "foreign goods", who can carry the banner of "new domestic products" of lubricants

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recently, the terms "new domestic products" and "domestic products resurgence" have been frequently mentioned, which seems to have become the tuyere of the next era. According to the data, in 2018, the year-on-year growth rate of Chinese brands in the amount of orders and the sales volume of goods ordered was higher than that of international brands, and the advantages of Chinese brand products were more obvious in the year-on-year growth rate of the amount of orders, indicating that with the upgrading and reform of the mass consumption structure, more high-quality and high-value Chinese brand products were favored by consumers in 2018

in the field of lubricating oil consumption, the brand identity of "new domestic" lubricating oil has been recognized and recognized by many excellent enterprises, and the product quality of "new domestic" lubricating oil has also been improved. However, Matthias Scheffler does not doubt that big data will help achieve this goal, which has been affirmed by more end users. The boundary between Chinese brands and international brands is being broken, and the field of high-end lubricating oil has no national boundaries

"new domestic products" are rising, and the Jianghu in the high-end lubrication field is surging

what is "new domestic products" of lubricants? With the further development and maturity of the internal and external economic environment, the value connotation of "domestic goods" continues to evolve and sublimate. In the 1980s and 1990s, the availability and price advantage of domestic products were the highlights. Later, the emotional advantage evolved to the current technological advantage. To sum up, new domestic products refer to local brands that constantly innovate in technology, marketing and even enterprise strategy. According to this definition, which brands can be called new domestic products in China's lubricant industry

according to the survey data of China's lubricating oil information end users, 58.6% of online and offline end users of lubricating oil often purchased "domestic products" of lubricating oil in 2018; Among them, 48.5% of the end users think that "domestic products" are "easy to use and inexpensive", 43.7% of the end users think that "domestic products" lubricants are "service grounding gas", and 31.5% of the users who focus on automotive materials think that "domestic products" lubricants are the representatives of "high quality". In this survey, the representative brands of domestic lubricants generally recognized by end users are great wall lubricant, Kunlun lubricant, Compton lubricant, Longpan lubricant, etc. It can be seen that under the environment of interaction and mutual promotion brought about by the rise of China's GDP and cultural awakening, the scientific and technological hard power of domestic products has gone beyond the feelings themselves, and lubricant end users have gradually established a broader vision and a more confident, rational and intellectual consumption concept of "domestic products"

behind confidence is strength. Experts believe that domestic brands rely on their strength to win the trust of consumers. Consumers' trust in domestic products is not "confidence in mystery", but an objective reflection of the quality of "made in China" entering a new stage in history. The 2018 white paper on China's lubricant industry by China Lubricant information pointed out that in recent years, the comprehensive competitiveness of China's lubricant brands has been comprehensively improved, which is not only reflected in the climbing of sales and market share, but also reflected in the upward movement of the price center. More importantly, major breakthroughs have been made in R & D investment, technical content, insight into consumer demand, platform construction, product experience and marketing innovation. Some brands have transformed the business model changes brought by emerging technologies and mobile travel into competitive advantages

from the perspective of lubtop's top ten brands in China's lubricant industry in recent years, Chinese brands have gradually formed a pattern of equal competition with international brands, and the proportion of Chinese brands above the level of this camp has also increased year by year. It can be seen that the manufacturing level of Chinese lubricating oil brand has reached the world-class level. Whether it is considering that the stretching jaw of the host machine can be conveniently parked at any position, the factory scale, equipment technology, or intelligent system, more technical data of Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. should be applied as much as possible, and the quality of the products can be rated as first-class. Moreover, as Chinese enterprises pay more attention to independent R & D and innovation, the manufacturing quality of China's lubricant industry is gradually expanding its market share, and even surpassing international brands in some segments. Therefore, from the manufacturing perspective, Chinese lubricant enterprises can "intelligently" produce good products and provide better quality and services, which is precisely the basis for new domestic lubricants to become a "national trend"

experts pointed out that "new domestic products" include four standards: after the baptism of time; It has a broad consumption foundation, and the consumption cognition accumulated by product functions and consumption experience has been transformed into a certain habit and hobby; Excellent quality, good reputation, rich in craftsman spirit; Brand image keeps pace with the times. As the main battlefield of local brands PK foreign brands since the reform and opening up, the lubricating oil market cake has never been lack of fierce competition. Even so, Chinese lubricant brands have made great achievements

according to the survey data of China Lubricant information, the brand recognition of "national brands" represented by great wall lubricant and Kunlun lubricant is as high as 63.4%, and the brand recognition of other Chinese brands is also increasing year by year. More than 60% of the surveyed end users who have purchased and used high-end gasoline engine oil have selected and used Chinese brand gasoline engine oil products. Users who have purchased Sn grade gasoline engine oil through online channels have the highest satisfaction with great wall "JINJIXING" and Longpan sonic9000 products, reaching 78.3% and 58.2% respectively, and are higher than the overall average level in terms of product performance, brand benefit, after-sales service, marketing service, household registration Monument and other dimensions. The data shows that these top Chinese lubricant brands have the strength to carry the flag of a new generation of lubricant "national products"

it is more confident to go abroad. "Domestic powder" meets the highlight moment

it is noteworthy that thanks to the national strategy of the the Belt and Road and China's increasingly powerful international position, China's intelligent manufacturing and Chinese brand influence are changing the world. In the context of industrial globalization, more and more Chinese enterprises are becoming global market leaders

in recent years, some representative Chinese lubricant enterprises have begun to appear on the world stage as their own independent brands, establishing global R & D centers and overseas companies, setting up offices, and even investing in factories. Sinopec Great Wall lubricant has been established and put into operation in Singapore. Compton, Longpan, Si Neng and others have gone out with the "great power and heavy equipment" for many times, shining "circle powder" in large-scale foreign exhibitions, and helping the construction of the "the Belt and Road" and countries along the line. After 40 years of accumulation, innovation and creation have become the consensus of Chinese enterprises. China's smart manufacturing has begun to rank among the world's first-class levels in the field of high-end manufacturing

nowadays, the keyword of the rise of domestic products has also become "trust". As the "blood" flowing in the "made in China" and the invisible force behind the "big country and heavy weapon", making full use of the broad domestic market demand, Chinese lubricant brands improve their innovation and competitiveness, and take advantage of the situation to counter attack the importance and urgency of occupying the medium and high-end market

"new domestic products" is a huge opportunity for Chinese enterprises in this era. I hope that in the future, there will be more "domestic products" of Chinese lubricants, which will become the "first choice" and "first choice" of Chinese people, and usher in a highlight moment on the international stage

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