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The Haitian Environmental Protection Agency issued a ban on the packaging of PE and PS products

the Haitian Environmental Protection Agency issued a ban on PE plastic bags on July 10. This order prohibits the production, sale and use of PE plastic bags of any specification. In addition, traditional food EPS (expanded polystyrene), PS packaging containers, such as imported products such as plates, bags, bottles and disposable cups are all included in the scope of the ban. It is reported that the ban on PE and PS was officially implemented on August 1

since the implementation of the ban, the Haitian customs authorities have further increased their inspection efforts. Once the arrival cargo is found to contain the above prohibited items, it will be confiscated and destroyed, and the owner will be punished according to the customs regulations

the Haitian Environmental Protection Agency said that what is more difficult is to achieve standardized and effective supervision. This ban is not aimed at all polyethylene and its downstream products. Transparent plastic bottles and bags for the packaging of beverages, drugs and food, white transparent garbage bags and special bags for seed breeding can be used throughout the country, and their operation specifications will be implemented in accordance with the original regulatory regulations

will increase fatigue and cause damage to objects. The Environmental Protection Bureau said that it is not enough to issue mandatory laws in order to completely achieve the goal of addressing both symptoms and root causes. Therefore, in the coming months, the Ministry of finance of Haiti will also introduce a series of preferential subsidy policies to encourage domestic traders to actively import paper, fiber, sisal and 100% biodegradable biological material containers and bags, so as to replace PE, PS and EPS plastic packaging

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