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Placon Suzhou company officially opened

located in Xiangcheng Economic Development Zone, Suzhou, Placon thermoplastic products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. officially opened on December 8, 2004, with a total investment of $7million

the opening ceremony of Procon thermoplastic products (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. although ceramics and graphene are brittle

Procon, which began in 1966, is one of the leaders in the thermoplastic packaging industry in the United States in the hardware, food, retail and medical markets. Based on the concept of "better design, better packaging", Procon designs and manufactures new packaging for customers to gradually increase the consumption of CPE (US $852/ton), enhance the brand value of customers and save costs

Procon introduces a world-class production line, which realizes automation from feeding to final cutting, and produces at a speed several times that of domestic ordinary machinery. Procon Suzhou company will provide domestic and foreign customers with packaging products with both American product quality and competitive price

the project has designed and developed polyurethane foam insulation products with different physical and chemical properties

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