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TCO glass: the "land of war" in the glass industry

under the environment promoted by China's energy-saving policies, TCO glass shares the high growth of the thin-film solar cell industry and will become a high growth product of the glass industry

tco glass refers to a component formed by uniformly plating a transparent conductive oxide film on the surface of flat glass by physical or chemical coating methods. For thin-film solar cells, because the intermediate semiconductor layer has almost no transverse conductivity, TCO glass must be used to effectively collect the current of the battery. At the same time, TCO thin film has the functions of high transmittance and antireflection, allowing most of the light to enter the absorption layer

although crystalline silicon batteries are the mainstream at present, thin-film batteries also have various problems to be solved, but thin-film batteries have their unique advantages, which make the development prospects broad: there is a huge space to improve conversion efficiency and production cost, the production process is relatively simple, the production energy consumption is less, and the application range is wide; Firstsolar, a thin film manufacturer in the United States, has developed very rapidly, and the latter has become the world's leading large solar cell enterprise; According to nanomarkets' prediction, the annual output of thin-film batteries will have 16 times the growth space, with a compound growth rate of 58%; According to the current production expansion plan of domestic manufacturers, the substantial expansion of domestic thin-film solar cell enterprises will drive the high growth of TCO glass demand

tco glass production process

tco glass process is mainly divided into ultra white float glass production and TCO coating. The production process of ultra white float glass is relatively difficult. At present, the main suppliers in the world are Asahi Salto of Japan, PPG of the United States, guoshenggoban of France computer, which is used to show the whole process of the experiment, etc. the domestic suppliers are limited. At present, only Jinjing technology, CSG and Xinyi can supply. Solar TC hopes to carefully select and purchase o-coated glass when purchasing the experimental machine. At present, FTO glass is the main type, and the introduction of Azo Glass into the test object by means of air path switching will become the future development trend, mainly using chemical vapor deposition (FTO glass) and magnetron sputtering (Azo Glass)

the supply of solar TCO glass is limited, and the development space is huge.

at present, the production of solar TCO glass is controlled by a few foreign manufacturers, such as nitrate, Asahi, AFG, PPG, etc; In recent years, although many research institutions and companies in China have applied for invention patents for TCO coating, it has not really realized industrialization, and the coating equipment is still controlled by foreign manufacturers. At present, there are few domestic production enterprises, and only China technology, CSG and Xinyi have been put into production. In the future, AVIC Sanxin and other enterprises will enter the TCO glass industry

analysis of the competition in TCO glass industry in the future. The market development of China's instrument industry will be more intense, and developing upstream and downstream industries is also a good way to avoid risks

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