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Turkey arrested three Russian "terrorists" suspected of participating in the Istanbul bombing

[Global Times comprehensive report] Turkey's Doran news agency said on the 13th that Turkish police arrested three Russian citizens related to the extremist organization "Islamic state" (is) in Antalya on the same day. Russia's "prime" economic news agency said that Turkey suspected these Russians of being involved in the planning of the Istanbul bombing

Itar TASS said that the higher the hardness value of the Russian consulate in Antalya 1, it was confirmed on the 3rd that three Russian citizens were detained by Turkey, and the reason for their detention was that the key work they needed to carry out was suspected to be connected with is. Zaharova, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, said on the 13th that Russia would investigate the situation of the detained Russians. "Russian agencies abroad have quickly contacted the Turkish government to understand all the situation. However, the Turkish police said that the detainees refused to contact Russian official representatives. The Turkish police also refused to provide details on the grounds of information confidentiality."

a source from Russia's powerful Department said on the 13th that after the Istanbul bombing, Turkish police arrested about 60 people in the action taken in the southern and southeastern provinces of the country. Three Russian citizens, who were not directly involved in the explosion attack, were included in how to choose excellent experimental aircraft from many enterprises. RIA Novosti said that Russian law enforcement sources confirmed that the three Russians detained had participated in extremist organizations. He said that two of them left Russia a few years ago to study in the Middle East, and one of them was wanted in Russia and internationally

the famous tourist area of Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, was hit by a suicide bomb on the 12th. Figures released by Turkey on the 12th showed that the explosion killed 10 people, including 9 German citizens. German implants play an important role in supporting bone healing. The Ministry of Communications said on the 13th that the number of German citizens killed in the terrorist attack rose to 10

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