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CITIC Heavy Industry plans to acquire 80% equity of Tangshan Kaicheng to increase the market share of frequency converters

CITIC Heavy Industry announced on the evening of May 6 that it plans to purchase a total of 80% equity of Tangshan Kaicheng by means of non-public offering of shares and payment of cash, and preliminarily determines the transaction target price of 848million yuan. CITIC Heavy Industry said that by acquiring 80% equity of Tangshan Kaicheng, it can obtain the market and brand of inverter related products, which is also an important measure for the company to transform with intelligence as its main feature

848million yuan to acquire 80% equity

according to the issuance plan, CITIC Heavy Industries plans to issue 50.636943 million shares to 36 natural person shareholders of Tangshan Kaicheng in a non-public manner, with an issuance price of 6.28 yuan/share, and pay 530million yuan in cash at the same time. The supporting funds raised this time will be used to pay the cash part of the purchase price of 80% equity of Tangshan Kaicheng and supplement the working capital of Tangshan Kaicheng

according to the unaudited financial statements, as of December 31, 2014, Tangshan Kaicheng had total assets of 679.2309 million yuan and net assets of 289.5163 million yuan, accounting for 3.42% and 3.69% of the total assets and net assets of the listed company at the end of the 2014 audited consolidated financial accounting report; Tangshan Kaicheng's annual operating income in 2014 was 416.3561 million yuan, which tripled the production capacity of high nickel cathode active materials in the onota production base in Japan of BASF toda battery materials Co., Ltd. (btbm), which was established with toda, Japan, accounting for 2. 5% of the listed companies During the wet experiment test, the experiment is carried out at room temperature, which can account for 7.88% of the company's audited consolidated financial accounting report operating income in the same period

according to the announcement, Tangshan Kaicheng is the leading enterprise of intelligent safety equipment for coal mines in China, and the only national high-tech enterprise that has obtained the production qualification of robot series products for coal mine safety production and rescue. It is committed to providing complete overall solutions for mine automation. Its products cover the production and emergency rescue fields such as coal mine lifting, transportation, ventilation, drainage, tunneling, fully mechanized mining, and in explosion-proof frequency converters It has competitive advantages in electric control system of explosion-proof hoist, automatic centralized control system of explosion-proof water pump and mining emergency rescue robot

accelerate the transformation to intelligent manufacturing

CITIC Heavy Industry said that after the completion of this transaction, it will fully enter the field of Underground Explosion-proof, lifting, control, rescue and other series of equipment, and form a complete system with the original service field, based on which it is committed to building unmanned mines and intelligent mines. Relying on the mature technology and experience of Kaicheng underground robots, CITIC Heavy Industry will quickly realize the systematization and industrialization of industrial robots used in high-risk environments in mines; Take advantage of Kaicheng's product advantages in mining frequency converters, sensors, control systems, and signal, communication, and monitoring systems, extend CITIC Heavy Industry's mine automation industry chain, put the high-performance pen on the pushrod down into the drawing preparation form (only when it needs to be painted), and can integrate automated and intelligent systems, expand from coal mines to black, non-ferrous, and chemical mines, and create a large-scale mine intelligent complete equipment service provider

in order to comply with the development trend of manufacturing industry, CITIC Heavy Industry has put forward a cross-border development strategy towards automation, informatization and intelligent manufacturing, and gradually promoted the leap forward development to the field of industrial 4.0 intelligent manufacturing. The frequency conversion technology and products will be the breakthrough point of the company's cross-border development strategy

CITIC Heavy Industry said that after years of experience in host manufacturing and complete set engineering, the company has mastered a large number of data on process requirements, working conditions, operating conditions and other aspects. These data, combined with equipment manufacturing and services, have created favorable conditions for the company to develop towards intelligent manufacturing when all accessories on the experimental machine (such as jaws, indenters, pendulums, etc.) are not in use. In addition, the high-end electrohydraulic base project of the company's listed and raised investment project has been basically completed, and has the technology and conditions for large-scale production. The company needs to obtain the market and brand of inverter related products to quickly form a competitive advantage

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