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Local governments have issued photovoltaic support policies, and the market has decided to expand upward

after the executive meeting of the State Council set the tone to support the photovoltaic industry last year, it is understood that since March, Hefei, Fujian, Ningbo and other places have successively begun to issue local support policies. An expert who declined to be named told this newspaper: "the local version of the support policy has a certain strength in project construction, financial subsidies, credit support and other aspects, which to some extent has played a significant role in filling the gap in domestic demand and starting the market first. The upward trend of the entire domestic photovoltaic market is certain."

it is understood that the Hefei municipal government recently issued the "Implementation Opinions on accelerating the promotion and application of photovoltaic to promote industrial development", striving to build Hefei into a leading city in photovoltaic applications in China, paving the way for expanding domestic demand. New building roofs, new urban public facilities and ground photovoltaic power stations are included in the key scope of using solar photovoltaic lighting. In addition, Hefei will also set up a special support fund for photovoltaic applications to support the city's solar photovoltaic power generation operation enterprises

coincidentally, Fujian Province has also proposed to strengthen the policy of distributed photovoltaic power generation. According to Guodian [Weibo] Fujian electric power company, this year, Fujian electric power will increase investment in distribution, strengthen the construction of distributed photovoltaic power generation supporting transmission projects, and ensure the full consumption of distributed power projects

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at present, there are 13 distributed photovoltaic power generation projects under construction in Fujian Province, with a total installed capacity of 55400 kW. It is expected that the annual average power generation capacity of about 80million kwh will be achieved soon after

according to the company's senior management, Fujian electric power will provide preferential conditions to provide the whole process services such as access system scheme formulation, electric energy meter installation, acceptance and commissioning for distributed power generation projects free of charge, purchase the surplus electricity in full, and exempt the system reserve capacity fee of distributed photovoltaic and wind power projects

in addition, at present, there are 15 photovoltaic power generation projects under construction in Ningbo, and the installed photovoltaic power generation capacity in the city is up to 50000 kilowatts. According to Ningbo Electric Power Bureau, eight more enterprises have recently applied for photovoltaic power generation projects, and Ningbo Electric Power Bureau will open up a green channel. It is reported that at least 200000 kW of photovoltaic power generation will be connected to national power in Ningbo this year

a large amount of petrochemical energy needs to be consumed in the production process

and the large-scale photovoltaic technology research of Qinghai electric power has been successfully applied to the photovoltaic development planning, power station construction and parallel operation of Qinghai Province. The whole process management is implemented from the five aspects of project, safety, quality, technology and management, which provides technical support for the concentration of large-scale photovoltaic power generation projects in Qaidam region

wangsicheng, a researcher at the Energy Research Institute of the national development and Reform Commission, said: "by stimulating domestic enterprises, each enterprise will have a clear assessment demand for its composite material capacity, which can largely make up for the gap between Europe and the United States. With the help of the policy of eliminating backward production capacity, the future prospects of enterprises with technological advantages are expected."

according to a report by solarzoom, a domestic photovoltaic market research institution, the installed capacity of the global photovoltaic market continued to grow in 2013. It is expected that the overall installed capacity will increase by 26% - 41% on the basis of 30 GW in 2012. China has ranked among the top three in installed capacity last year, and the new installed capacity of photovoltaic in China may double. Zhonghua glass () Department

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