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North China industrial control subway PIS system solution

application background

with the rapid development of urban construction, subway, light rail, high-speed rail and other means of transportation are playing an increasingly important role in people's lives. Fine chemicals are one of the most dynamic fields in today's chemical industry. In cities with rail transit in China, citizens spend more than 56 minutes in daily contact with rail transit, and more in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and other cities. The operation of rail transit is complex and the guarantee requirements are high. How to ensure the quality of people's travel is a major research topic for many enterprises with a sense of society

system overview

the requirements are more stringent

pis system is increasingly popular with WLAN mobile communication and other related technologies, but I always feel that these words are not perfect enough for our hair service. It magically turns the monotonous and closed carriage into an entertainment paradise, which not only ensures the safety of train operation, but also increases the comfort of passengers. As the most intuitive information interaction platform between subway companies and passengers, PIS system can not only display text information such as riding instructions and train timetable in the carriage, but also broadcast real-time dynamic information such as stock information, live broadcast of events, advertisements, fire, blockage, terrorist attacks and other abnormal situations, and also provide dynamic emergency evacuation tips

system functions

TV broadcasting

real time information insertion

intelligent broadcasting

signal and data transmission

system integrated management

system advantages

North China industrial control closely combines the current situation of China's rail transit, and has developed a series of special PIs products for the rail transit industry with reliable performance The complete functions have produced a wide range of reference and demonstration significance for domestic peers that the composite material shows good mechanical properties

1. The vibration generated by the rapid operation of the train puts forward high requirements for the PIS system. North China industrial control took the lead in adopting aviation plugs to solve the problem of the traditional PIS system with weak slots, which greatly improved the seismic resistance of the products

2. The application of network transmission technology to PIs products solves the defects brought by the traditional computer display mode, such as the transmission distance is not far enough, the quality of dynamic video is low, the exchange of advertisements and programs is inconvenient, and it can not be updated in real time. It can monitor the broadcast content in real time and realize new network broadcasting

3. It can ensure the long-term 24-hour trouble free operation of the PIS system, without manual maintenance all year round, and is fully suitable for harsh application environments such as various tunnel sections

4. The traditional PIS system has limited serial ports, which greatly limits the access of peripheral devices and the expansion and upgrading of the system. Many long cards used in the PIS system of North China industrial control have about 10 COMS, effectively improving the expansion elasticity of the periphery

network topology

system configuration

1. Products used: standard industrial personal computer + decoding card + video card + switch

2. It is suitable for streaming media broadcast norco-890/880/870

3. It is suitable for advertising broadcast norco-6850/6830

scheme evaluation:

1. High seismic performance, fully adapt to the harsh environment of tunnel turbulence

2. The whole system is easy to expand, maintain and operate

3. The motherboard is embedded with ultra-low power CPU motherboard, which greatly reduces the failure caused by heating and improves the working stability of the system

4. The high cost performance of the motherboard brings real benefits to customers

5. North China industrial control has a nationwide sales network, bringing fast and exclusive services to relieve your worries


the unified PIS system integrating North China industrial control products has been successfully applied to Beijing Metro Line 10. The whole line of Metro Line 10 opened on the occasion of the Olympic Games adopts international high-end products. North China industrial control relies on products with perfect functions, pursues excellent technological innovation, and stands out among many peers in a steady and pragmatic spirit. From project consultation, scheme design to machine testing, the full program tracking service of North China industrial control has made outstanding contributions to the PIS system of Metro Line 10

at present, North China industrial control has provided hardware for the multimedia passenger information service system of several subway lines at home and abroad to facilitate subway passengers' travel. About 1million people get subway information through the huge passenger information service system integrated by North China industrial control products every day, enriching their travel life. (end)

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