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Pitney Bowes 40million can purchase a service company with us dollars regardless of the impact of the measurement uncertainty of the reference standard

Pitney Bowes announced at the weekend that it had successfully completed the acquisition of digital cement at a price of nearly US $40million. Digital cement is a professional service public clip, which is more important; Division, can provide customers with relationship management strategic services, so as to help them establish, maintain, manage and develop their own customer relationships. It is understood that digital cement will become a part of Pitney Bowes marketing service company and accept the leadership of mark cattini

according to Murray D. Martin, President and CEO of Pitney Bowes, they want to create greater value for customers by expanding their influence in the mainstream market. He said: marketing service is one of the fastest growing areas in the mainstream market, because it can help enterprises better manage their customer relationships

digital cement currently has 121 employees and is providing consulting services to many Fortune 500 enterprises. David ceolin, the founder and CEO of the company, believes that this transaction is an innovative cooperation for both of them.

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