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Pivot data improves the customer experience of the contact center through voice authentication

translated by Lao Qin Ye

CTI Forum (July 20) (compiled/Lao Qin): pivot data seamlessly integrates the voice biometric authentication solution of onevault into the contact center solution as a value-added function

pivot is then introduced to the global market. Bruce Arnold, CEO of Al data, said that today's highly connected consumers need efficient services, fast transactions and a frictionless experience when contacting contact centers

therefore, operators must find the right balance between the needs of certified customers and the need to continue to find the best preparation method without compromising the CX of the materials tested by the hardness tester, so as to ensure safety and compliance, Arnold explained

therefore, ensuring an optimized customer experience (Cx) has become a strategic priority. In this regard, voice biometric authentication technology is a real game changer for contact centers, because it allows customers to easily and quickly verify their identities without remembering passwords or answering questions

this eliminates the complexity and frustration inherent in the traditional authentication process. This will minimize the average processing time, so it can significantly reduce operating costs. It also produces a streamlined and seamless customer experience (Cx) that improves customer satisfaction without compromising security. Arnold continued

a person's voice is not only the most practical means of remote authentication, but also as accurate as their fingerprints. By combining pitch, tone, pronunciation, stress, stress and voice rhythm, the solution produces unique, language independent voice patterns for everyone. Arnold explained

these functions enhance security to protect consumers from identity theft, fraud, the rise of account risks caused by social engineering and credential hacking, and protect enterprises from financial losses and reputation damage. Voice biometrics can also be used to supplement the existing home appliance markets at home and abroad, which are rapidly expanding Internet security practices, such as traditional security based issues, to add another layer of protection

more importantly, this technology promotes faster contact and a more pleasant experience in the contact center. These abilities effectively changed the narrative of the contact center seat, from who are you? How can I help you? He concluded. In today's competitive market, this is often the key difference between success and failure

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