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CITIC Heavy Industry launched intelligent equipment and robot family at the Industrial Expo

CITIC Heavy Industry launched intelligent equipment and robot family at the Industrial Expo

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on November 3, the 17th China International Industrial Expo was jointly held in Shanghai by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the national development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of engineering, etc, Intelligent equipment and robot families such as the crawler robot platform newly developed by CITIC Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. based on high-risk environment and special working conditions were unveiled

the intelligent equipment and robots exhibited by CITIC Heavy Industry include special robot series and industrial concept robot series. Special robot series include crawler robot platform, disaster detection robot, underwater robot platform, inspection robot platform and pipeline robot platform. The industrial concept robot series includes heavy mill relining board intelligent robot, interconnected coffee robot and natural light apple sorting robot. CITIC Heavy Industries' entry into the robot industry from a high starting point is not only to create a new growth pole for enterprises, but also to demonstrate and drive the transformation and upgrading of China's equipment manufacturing industry to automation, informatization and intelligence, as well as innovative development, and boost China's manufacturing industry from "big" to "strong"

Yu Zhangfa, general manager of CITIC Heavy Industry, was invited to attend the opening ceremony of the China Industrial Expo and accompanied Zhang Weining, vice governor of Henan Province, to visit the exhibition. At the booth of CITIC Heavy Industry robot, only in this way can the products be recognized and allowed to talk about the transformation and upgrading of Henan manufacturing industry with the general manager of sales. Vice governor Zhang Weining asked about the research and development of CITIC Heavy Industries' intelligent industry in detail, and said that he hoped that more and more enterprises such as CITIC Heavy Industries would emerge in Henan and China. The provincial government would further help and guide enterprises such as CITIC Heavy Industries in the future, help them strengthen the research and development of basic general technology in the machine and human industry, and enhance their core competitiveness

on the morning of the opening of the Industrial Expo, CITIC Heavy Industry held an information conference on the opening of intelligent mining industrial robots. Zhang Qisheng, deputy general manager of CITIC Heavy Industry, introduced the strategic transformation of the company. Zhang Shusheng, manager of the technology research and development center of CITIC Heavy Industry Kaicheng company, announced the company's robot integration innovation, imagining himself as a customer, so that customers can use the R & D and application fields more confidently, and signed a contract with six cooperative agents. Zhang Qisheng, deputy general manager, said in an interview with the media that CITIC Heavy Industries' high-profile entry into the robot industry is a strategic choice for the development of enterprises. As a state-owned enterprise, it is the historical mission of the enterprise to implement the national strategy and help make China stronger from a big one. At the same time, it is also to create a new growth pole for the enterprise. CITIC Heavy Industry will further strengthen and optimize the robot industry through integrated innovation and integration of technology and capital resources. The people, Xinhua news agency, CCTV, economy, workers, China industry news, China Electromechanical industry magazine, inverter World magazine, Luoyang and other media attended the company's information conference

on November 4, as invited guests, Zhang Qisheng, deputy general manager, and peiwenliang, deputy general manager and chief engineer of CITIC Heavy Industry Kaicheng company, will also attend the first CEO round table conference of the fourth China robot Expo and its summit forum respectively

it is reported that the exhibition will last for five days, with a scale of 230000 square meters, 2270 exhibitors from 28 countries and regions, and overseas enterprises accounting for 29.1%. It attracted the world's top four robot industry giants to participate in the exhibition, and CITIC Heavy Industry, which can compete with international giants, issued the strongest voice of China's national industry at the exhibition. According to the person in charge of the intelligent industry project of CITIC Heavy Industry, based on its deep accumulation in the mining industry, in the future, the company will continue to layout robot motion joint control and mining industrial robots, establish an integrated intelligent control system for China's underground mines and open-pit mines, and work with domestic and foreign customers to start a new journey of "unmanned mines" and "smart mines" to promote the green development of related industries

in booth B100 of hall 4.1h of the National Convention and Exhibition Center, the new liner is transported, grabbed and aligned, and a series of actions are coordinated. As the old liner is hoisted back, a new liner has been installed. As the robot recommended by this Expo, the heavy mill relining board intelligent robot developed by CITIC Heavy Industry has won the attention of many participants. Crawler robots, underwater robots, inspection robots and other robots also attracted onlookers, questions and praise from the participants. There are an endless stream of visitors, consultants, product negotiators and business partners. The person in charge of the site said that the intelligent robot for replacing the lining plate of the heavy mill will realize the unmanned replacement of the lining plate of the mill in the future, which will greatly reduce the possibility of personal injury while improving the replacement efficiency of the lining plate and the automation level of the whole factory. At present, China's manufacturing industry is large but not strong, forming a new driving force for economic growth and shaping new advantages in international competition. The focus is on manufacturing, the difficulty is in manufacturing, and the way out is also in manufacturing. Therefore, the development of industrial machines to meet the requirements of the Olympic Games and the U.S. track and field team is the key direction. As a large state-owned enterprise that undertakes the research and development and progress of major national strategic equipment, CITIC Heavy Industry keenly captures the important opportunity of the historic intersection between the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform and China's acceleration of the transformation of the mode of economic development, actively implements the "made in China 2025" national strategy, and with a positive and open mind, stands at the high end, driven by innovation, while optimizing and strengthening its main business, Speed up the integration of modern technology and new industrial waves, create version 4.0 of discrete production organizations, establish a private cloud platform based on Virtualization applications, build a modern production command and customer service system, cross-border development of low-speed, heavy-duty, high-power industrial dedicated frequency conversion industry, and enter the robot field from a high starting point through capital restructuring, forming a complex competitive advantage that is difficult to replicate, That is, CITIC Heavy Industry's new business model of "core manufacturing + variable frequency drive + intelligent control + complete set of services" has promoted the successful strategic transformation of the enterprise to a high-tech enterprise, complete set of service provider and international enterprise

on May 6 this year, CITIC Heavy Industry announced a major asset restructuring plan, purchased 80% of the equity of Tangshan Kaicheng, obtained complementary and extensive related technologies, products, markets and brands at one stroke, fully entered the field of Underground Explosion-proof, lifting, control, rescue and other series of equipment, formed a complete system with the original service field, and became an internationally leading service provider of large-scale mine intelligent complete equipment. Kaicheng group, acquired by CITIC Heavy Industry, is a well-known domestic manufacturer of automation equipment and special robot equipment. It is the only national high-tech enterprise in China that has obtained the production qualification of robot series products for coal mine safety production and rescue. A number of core technologies fill the domestic gap, create a number of firsts in the history of robot development in China, and has become the R & D and manufacturing enterprise of special robots with the most complete product line in China

CITIC heavy industry continues to promote innovation, focus on new knowledge, new technology, new trends, new formats, pay attention to the technological revolution and design revolution, embrace new things such as emerging technologies and new formats with an open mind, multi-dimensional perspective and a positive attitude, and constantly adapt to the "new normal" of China's economy through innovative integration and integrated development, so as to promote transformation and development, Boost enterprises to become the leader in the development of technological innovation with heavy waste prices of 1510 (1) 560 yuan/ton in Hebei, and make new contributions to the transformation of made in China from "big" to "strong". Entering the intelligent equipment industry such as robots from a high starting point is not only to create a new growth level for the strategic transformation of the enterprise itself, but also the necessity for CITIC Heavy Industry to practice the national strategy and strive to realize the historical mission of making China from "big" to "strong"

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