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DSM launched the latest high-performance resin for fan blades

DSM, the global leader in composite resin industry, officially released its latest research achievement: a high-performance resin specially used for fan blades - synolite 1790-g-3. This resin was jointly developed by DSM and several major partners in the wind energy industry, and was grandly launched at the China Wind Energy Conference held in Beijing from October 13 to 15

synolite 1790-g-3 has low viscosity and is especially suitable for vacuum induction process. Compared with other traditional unsaturated polyester resins and epoxy resins, it is more competitive in a series of properties. Synolite 1790-g-3 has better wettability and faster combination with reinforced glass fiber. This enables it to be more effectively molded into composites with a variety of glass fiber reinforcement materials, including glass fiber products common in the Chinese market

compared with epoxy resin and other unsaturated polyester resins, the whole curing process of making blades with synolite 1790-g-3 can be carried out at room temperature without post curing, which helps manufacturers shorten the production cycle. Compared with epoxy resin system, using synolite 1790-g-3 can save nearly 40% of the overall system cost

at the same time, the curing exothermic peak of synolite 1790-g-3 is very low when making thick FRP parts, which can greatly reduce the internal stress and correspondingly prolong the service life of the mold - this is also a key element to timely record the yield load of large blades with long gel production time and complex curing process. Synolite 1790-g-3 can cure rapidly and completely when making thin-layer parts, and its mass production performance is continuous and reliable

synolite 1790-g-3 can be used to produce fan blades from 500 kW to 5 or 6 MW, with a length of more than 60 meters, maintaining excellent hardness and weather resistance throughout the service life of the product, so as to ensure efficient and reliable power generation of the fan. Synolite 1790-g-3 can make the whole blade production process at room temperature, with superior secondary bonding characteristics and short production cycle

"in response to the increasing material requirements of wind turbine blade manufacturers in China and around the world, we issued synolite 1790 Shaanxi G-3 for breakeven, which is a very special product," said Achim Johannes, business manager of DSM advanced composites, "It can make the blade production adapt to a wider range of temperature. The blade made of synolite 1790-g-3 is very strong and durable, and because of curing, the product residue is easier to dilute with water, so it also saves more energy."

at present, this new resin has been commercialized and will be put into production in China and Europe

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