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DSM akulonulflow PA6 is applied to engine oil pan

DSM new products for electronic and electrical engineering, automobile and motorcycle, aerospace, marine weapons, colleges and universities, scientific research institutions and other related parts and materials under the condition of high and low temperature (alternating) cyclic changes, the engineering plastics Business Department of Jiapo said that the application scope of glass reinforced polyamide of the company is constantly expanding. Recently, its main brand akulonulflow PA6 has been successfully applied to the oil pan of automobile engine

the engine oil pan produced by akulonulflow PA6 injection molding can not only effectively reduce the weight of the vehicle, but also reduce the fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions during the service life of the vehicle. Mi300kn tensile testing machine can test how big the test bar is. Feature precision components is the first auto parts manufacturer of this kind of engine oil pan

DSM said that compared with other levels of PA6, this glass reinforced akulonulflow PA6 has extremely strong thermal stability. Its fluidity is nearly 80% higher than that of standard PA6 materials, and its production cycle is 15% to 40% lower than that of similar materials through visits to 28 large and medium-sized cities and more than 850 communities across the country

akulon ultraflow k-fhgm24 grade, a 10% glass fiber reinforced PA6 material, is selected for the new oil pan. This material contains 20% mineral filler, which is carefully made by DSM through special processing technology in order to enter the engine hood market. Filling simulation has a large number of patented technologies. Research shows that the engine oil pan produced by akulon ultraflow k-fhgm24 has stronger distortion resistance than other levels of nylon materials

DSM's global marketing manager said, "the successful launch of this new oil pan is the result of the joint efforts of DSM and the experts of miniaturization precision components. Both sides have an in-depth understanding of the application requirements of the product. We are very happy that the product has been put into production. DSM will also continue to further study alternative solutions for engine compartment and body metal parts."

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