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DSM provides high-performance polyamide materials for smart appliances

Royal DSM group of the Netherlands recently announced that it is the first to realize its dream for electrical connector manufacturers by providing them with materials that meet the highest flame retardant requirements of the global organization for standardization and have the required electrical properties

DSM develops breakthrough polyamide materials suitable for large household appliances, industrial connectors, etc.

through targeted development of akulon Safeco fastener assembly and total friction coefficient nect and ecopaxx polyamide 410 products of various specifications, DSM has a complete polyamide product portfolio, which enables home appliance brand manufacturers (OEMs) not only to meet the international safety standards for household and similar electrical appliances (EN), It can also meet the unique needs of different brand companies (OEMs) beyond various international standards

therefore, electrical appliance manufacturers that produce and sell in the global market can simplify their supply chain and specify the same materials for the same connector no matter where the appliances are ultimately sold

with the development of IOT, consumers will more and more remotely control electronic and electrical equipment at home through smart and tablet computers. At the International Consumer Electronics Exhibition (CES) held in Las Vegas at the beginning of this year, a large number of new "smart" appliances appeared, which are about to enter the tens of thousands of 5, vibration tables (including impact tables and collision test tables); Households constitute an important part of the Internet home. Nowadays, household appliances have become increasingly complex electromechanical systems. They have advanced user interfaces and control systems, and adding new functions has become an important design driver of household appliances. However, starting and operating these household appliances without direct supervision will bring potential safety hazards. We have seen a lot of reports about intelligent appliances that broke down and caught fire, but no one at home could put out the fire in time

as the policy becomes more and more intensive, consumers may be able to virtually connect their smart appliances, but these appliances themselves still need real and physical electronic and electrical connectors. If the design is poor, these connectors will increase the risk of electrical failure and may cause serious consequences. In order to simplify the connection, power and signal lines are often integrated in the same connector. In this case, these components must remain in normal use throughout the life cycle of the appliance, which brings great challenges to designers. In particular, connectors in pumps and motors require much more current than other system components

the performance requirements of electrical connectors are constantly improving, but there is no unified standard; There are great differences in the standards adopted in various regions. Therefore, the materials used for the connectors of equipment sold in the market of one region are often different from those of equipment sold in the market of another region. Using connector materials that meet the requirements of all relevant industry standards can greatly simplify the logistics work for manufacturers (OEMs) purchasing and marketing worldwide, and facilitate the sale and use of their products in local end markets

DSM's advanced engineering plastic products have brought good news to the designers of electrical connectors. For decades, DSM has been committed to developing various plastic materials suitable for electronic appliances, and these materials have been widely used. Through close cooperation with leading household appliance brands and connector manufacturers, DSM has successfully developed a variety of materials with a thickness of only 0.4mm and the highest flame retardant grade of UL 94V-0. These materials enable the final product to pass the IEC glow wire test (GWT) at 850 ℃ without causing combustion, and the leakage tracking index (CTI) is as high as 400V. DSM has four specifications of akulon safeconnect products and one specification of ecopaxx polyamide 410 products, which can meet the above requirements and various customer needs, and more specifications of materials are in the development and evaluation stage

in addition, these materials do not contain any additives that may cause health and safety problems, such as zinc borate and antimony trioxide. The residual elongation everywhere is not evenly distributed. DSM can even provide halogen-free flame retardant compounds with CTI up to 600V. Customer tests have proved that in addition to excellent flame retardancy and electrical performance, the akulon safeconnect and ecopaxx series products used by DSM in various specifications of connectors also have excellent fluidity and mechanical strength, enabling processors to produce thinner parts that still meet all relevant requirements, and DSM can provide customers with materials for testing worldwide

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