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DSM bio based polyamide is favored by abrasive wire manufacturers

abrasive brush tools are widely used in cleaning, deburring, construction and finishing work in all walks of life. Recently, Royal DSM announced that its high-performance bio Based Polyamide ecopaxx was selected by hahl pedex, a well-known abrasive wire manufacturer, as the raw material for the production of high-temperature abrasive wire

generally, these abrasive brush tools are made of a series of abrasive monofilaments, which are mainly produced by polymers such as PA6, PA610 and pa612, and add abrasive materials such as silicon carbide, ceramics and diamond

the performance of abrasive brush tools depends to a large extent on the material performance of the alloy used in the polymerized special alloy company method, which is likely to be a conventional traditional alloy. It is usually required that the polymer, except for the speculative factors of commodity trade, can withstand high temperature for a long time, and has good wear resistance, bending stiffness and UV resistance

hahl pedex and DSM jointly developed a new series of abrasive monofilament abramaxx, which is made from DSM ecopaxx polyamide410. Pa410 has a relatively high melting point (250 ° C), which is higher than that of PA610 (218 ° C) and pa612 (215 ° C). Due to its high modulus, it can also maintain the same wear resistance and high bending stiffness

the new abrasive monofilament can be applied to higher temperatures and has a higher wear index, which means that each abrasive brush has a longer service life and can remove more metal

Kees tintel, business manager of DSM eco paxx, said: "Ecopaxx pa410 has the characteristics of high melting point, stiffness, good wear resistance and chemical resistance, and can maintain thermal stability in the application environment of continuous high temperature. These characteristics make ecopaxx pa410 suitable for the production of ground monofilament and other technical monofilament, and add value to the product. In addition, ecopaxx is also a biological base. We are very happy to develop this product with our partner hahl pedex."

g? Nter muckenfu, a senior consultant of hahl pedex, also said: "we hope that this series of products will fill the gap between 100 ° C and 25 ° C, an abrasive wire that American researchers have recently developed a" metamaterial "0 ° C that can harden or soften freely."

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